Beautiful Glass Sculptures from
Daum and Chihuly Glass

Daum and Chihuly glass repair

Ornamental glassware and sculptures are crafted by extremely gifted talents such as Daum and Chihuly for everyone’s appreciation. These highly collectible blown glass pieces are artistically manipulated into stunning pieces that for the most part, continue to increase in value.

Just like all items that are made from fragile materials, glass is susceptible to cracking, chipping and breakage caused by accidents from handling, packaging or overuse. Fortunately, there are experienced artists that can effectively complete Daum glass repair to look like brand new.

Minor flaws such as chips or cracks can be subtly repaired with the use of diamond tipped grinders and a healthy dose of laborious glass polishing. Creativity and ingenuity are in large part the factors that bring your broken glass pieces back to life and allow you to retain and appreciate the beauty and style of your glass collection for years to come.

Often times the original artist of the piece is hard pressed to detect where the piece has been professionally restored. In the glass restoration process every attempt is made to ensure that the glass art is restored to its original condition so that it will maintain its market value. However there are some special conditions where the repair may well be evident and these circumstances can vary greatly depending on the amount of damage that was sustained.

Any type of glass repair is conceivable including the sensational products of Chihuly, Steuben, Kosta/Boda and many others who have created special pieces. Tiffany glass repair, like other manufacturers of glass, may be restored as close as possible to its original condition by a glass restoration specialist.

The glass restoration artisan requires years of training and a multitude of expertise that covers all glass artists, their sculptures as well as their specific glass techniques used to create each of their glass sculptures. Special tools including grinders and buffers, high-tech adhesives and dyes are all a necessary part of the glass restoration process. A quiet hand and a natural talent for detail are the other ingredients integral to bringing back the beauty of any restored glass art sculpture.

A careful evaluation of the reconstruction of the glass sculpture along with consultation from the owner allows the restoration expert to ply his trade effectively. Good communication is also an important factor is keeping the owner of each glass art sculpture current with the progress of each restored art glass sculpture.

When seeking a qualified glass restoration expert, you will find that some are applauded original glass sculptors in their own right. Sculpting, creating and finishing ones own art glass sculpture extends a credible ability to understand and plan the restoration of pieces crafted by other glass artists.

Don’t split up your current glass collection because of natures law’s of fragility. A glass restoration expert can make your collection once again look like brand new.

Michael Bokrosh is an accomplished glass sculptor as well as a glass repair expert with a resume of studying and working around the world to satisfy his passion for art glass sculpture for over 41 years.

Are you looking for a Daum glass repair expert or an experienced Chihuly glass repair professional in Chicago, Los Angeles or New York City? Bokrosh Studio has been restoring the true beauty of these glass art collectables since 1985. Contact our Daum glass repair and restoration professionals by calling 206-941-7976

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