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Glass Chandelier Repair

Artisan glass, be it a sculpture, lamp, or chandelier, is an investment in beauty and incredibly intricate craftsmanship. Because of the highly specialized techniques used to create these masterpieces, they are items that retain their value and remain timelessly in-style throughout the years. Glass sculpture  has long been prized for its beauty and collectability, and companies from Murano, Italy have become renowned for their glass artwork. However, because if its inherent fragility, glass artwork is prone to damage or breakage, and people often think that the damage is irreparable and the value of their pieces is lost.

However, Bokrosh Studios wants you know that damage or breakage doesn’t mean that your glass artwork is lost forever.

Before you write off that special piece as a lost cause, glass restoration expert Michael Bokrosh wants to show you that your piece may be able to be salvaged and restored to its original beauty. Because of his extensive experience, he can tackle any restoration project, including such popular projects as Murano glass repair. Coming from a long family history of glass artistry, Michael has devoted the past four decades to honing his craft as a glass artist and glass restoration expert. From Venetian glass repair, to other such popular brands as Tiffany and Waterford, Michael’s extensive portfolio demonstrates his experience and skill with even the most delicate restoration projects.

Beyond traditional artwork, Michael has also been solicited to restore glass for antique light fixtures, and he has also worked on many glass chandelier repair projects both large and small.

With the growing DIY restoration movement, many homeowners are discovering the value of repairing or restoring original glass fixtures to preserve the historic authenticity of their homes.  Michael’s respect for original artistry is evident in all of his glass restoration work, and he strives to complete repairs that are as seamless and invisible as possible, and are always in line with the original design of the work.

If you would like to know more about Bokrosh Studios, or would like an assessment and estimate of your glass repair project, contact Michael today. In today’s world of mass-manufactured disposability, salvaging artisan glass is a passion Bokrosh Studios is proud to share with the world.

Do you have a glass art sculpture in need of repair? Are you looking for professional Venetian glass repair in New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles? Bokrosh Studio has been performing glass art repair and creating original glass sculptures since 1985. With our 41 years of Lalique glass experience, you can be sure your precious glass object is in capable hands. Contact our repair and restoration professionals by calling 206-941-7976.

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