Glass Repair and Glass Conservation Isn't Just For Museums

When you think of glass repair or glass conservation, you might immediately think of efforts by museums and preservation societies as they maintain historical art or architecture.  But not every glass repair project is of major historical significance.  In fact, there are many more projects undertaken each year by individuals and families to preserve pieces with sentimental value.

Glass art and glass sculpture have had widespread use in the U.S. throughout the 20th century.  There are some very well-known glass artists who have produced celebrated pieces of glass art, and there are lesser known artists whose work may be just as captivating (and much more affordable). 

Many family estates have beautiful pieces of glass art,  heirloom quality glass sculpture and crystal which families wish to preserve for future generations.  An experienced glass worker will examine any of these pieces to determine the following before beginning any glassrepair or glass restoration project:

  • Overall condition of the glass sculpture or glass art piece
  • Condition the bottom, and presence of the artist or factories signature
  • presence of scratches or dings on the surface

Someone who is experienced in glass conservation will assess any damage and determine what can be done to preserve both the value and the beauty of a particular piece.  They will then make recommendations, often prioritizing them, and review these with the owner before starting any repairs.

Is it worth the cost in time and money to have professional glass repair or glass conservation done?  Only you can truly answer that question.  These kinds of projects have several important factors to consider including collectable value, sentimental value, and aesthetic value.  All of these are relative depending on your point of view.  Your glass repair artisan will be able to give you the facts, but ultimately you will have to decide if it is worth it for you to pursue.

Keep in mind that anyone you hire to help you with your glass repair should have before and after pictures that you can examine before you agree to let them work on your treasures.  Experienced glass artists understand both the inspiration and methodology behind glass art and glass repair.  They will take all factors into consideration and work with you to accommodate your specific needs.

With proper restoration and conservation techniques, glass art and glass sculptures can last for generations.  Why not do whatever you can to ensure these treasures stay beautiful and functional for years to come with professional glass repair and conservation?

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