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Rene Jules Lalique founded his glass company in France in the nineteenth century and quickly became renowned for his attention to detail in his creations. Producing some of the most sophisticated pieces of jewelry, tableware, vases and sculptures, his name and reputation carries on today with the same excellent craftsmanship that helped build his legacy.

There are thousands of pieces of Lalique glass artwork on the market and some date back to the late 1800’s. Over the years, this glass artwork continues to appreciate in value but like anything else that is fragile, they are subject to breakage and tend to lose part of their value and even become worthless.

Thankfully, there are experts that specialize in Lalique glass repair and can restore your broken piece to near original condition. The quality of the restoration is such that even fellow experts can have a difficult time locating the source of the repair. A steady hand and a wealth of knowledge of Lalique glass artwork are required by the restorer to come to a successful reconstruction of the piece.

The same holds true for Daum glass repair. Daum Nancy Glass has a bit of checkered past in that its namesake was a financier and not a glass work artist. Although their beautiful vases and lamps that were crafted in the late 1800s are considered true collectibles, they really didn’t gain in popularity until the Exposition Universelle in Paris in 1900. The success was rather short lived and more or less ended at the onset of the First World War however in this time they were successful with registering patents and created design techniques that make Daum glass highly sought after today.

Students that became masters of art glass design and restoration take immense pride in their precision work. Restoring badly damaged pieces takes an extraordinary amount of patience and a sharp eye. A meticulous nature can achieve the success of Daum glass repair and restore it to its near new condition.

Many collectible art pieces are able to retain their appreciable value through the efforts of an accomplished glass restoration company.  The cost to repair is contingent on the damage of the piece and the length of time that it takes to reconstruct the artwork. Many experts recommend that the owner of the glass art consult the manufacturer before commissioning it to a restorer. In any event, choose someone who has the expertise and experience and claim back your investment.

Michael Bokrosh has been designing and restoring glass artwork for over 30 years. A learned artisan in Lalique glass repair and Daum glass repair has helped to create our reputation as an industry leader in glass restoration. Contact us at 206-941-7976 for all of your glass repair needs. Bokrosh Studio also creates their own fine art glass sculptures made out of optical glass the finest glass on earth.

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