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The market value of antique Tiffany glass continues to escalate even in the midst of a volatile economy. Glass collectors are eager to add to their portfolio paying substantial sums of cash for any available Tiffany glass piece that will supplement their existing collection.

From 1878 to 1933, Tiffany glass was developed and produced by Louis Comfort Tiffany and an innovative group of capable designers. Over eighty years after the last pieces were manufactured; Tiffany glass is still one of the most sought after investments due to its unique designs and colorful glass art applications.

While time has been a great friend to the increasing value of Tiffany glass, it also has been somewhat detrimental as to the condition of this highly collectible artwork. Breakage can occur through mishandling and/or poor storage conditions. Often glass art experts may see Tiffany glass with cracks or chips of varying sizes and hence its desirability is lessened. Fortunately, there are experts who are highly trained to repair these cracks and in some cases these Tiffany glass restorations are undetectable to the average eye.

The art of Tiffany glass repair is of utmost importance as the owner or collector expects the piece to be as near to perfect as possible in order to retain its sentimental or actual value. Multiple cracks are obviously more difficult to restore while singular minor flaws are almost always sure to be looked by Tiffany experts as part of the original artwork.

Steuben Glass Repair

Crystal glass repair is also an art form that requires patience and skill. Often times a minor nick or chip can disappear through an extensive cutting process, using special diamond tools, and then a careful polishing process to restore the piece to look like it was originally intended.

There are many renowned manufacturers of crystal sculptures and stemware, however Steuben glass which was made exclusively in the United States was of the finest quality both in design and manufacture throughout the world. Steuben glass repair techniques are applicable to all other highly collectible brands of glass art such as Waterford, Kosta/Boda, Orrefors and Hoya.  Glass crystal can be damaged through improper handling and with an experienced glass restoration expert you do not have to have an incomplete collection due to a minor flaw within a single crystal piece

The right glass restoration expert is capable of fixing all types of glass including Lalique glass repair for glass sculptures and any of their other magnificent glass art collectables. The procedures to repair glass art are generally the same as with most collectible glass;   however a master glass restorer will have cultivated a specific attention to detail that will transform your damaged piece into a restored piece of collectable glass art again.

Are you looking for a Tiffany glass repair expert or an experienced Steuben glass repair professional in Chicago, Los Angeles or New York City? Bokrosh Studio has been restoring the true beauty of these glass art collectables since 1985. Contact our Steuben repair and restoration professionals by calling 206-941-7976.

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