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Unfortunately a chipped or damaged piece of glass art will draw attention away from the original beauty of the sculpture. At Bokrosh Studio, we are specialists in Antique Glass Repair of damaged pieces of fine art glass sculpture.

Often repair on a work of glass art requires more than removing the nicks or scratches. For larger damage, a successful Antique Glass Repair entails either permanently eliminating the damage from the piece, or else working with both the design and color of the sculpture to minimize the effect of the Glass Repair.

It takes a practiced artist to perform Antique Glass Repair on extremely rare and valuable works of fine art glass. At Bokrosh Studio we have over 34 years of experience and patience in working with glass, and only glass, to create a seamless blend rather than an obtrusive cover-up, or a botched Glass Repair.

During the entire Antique Glass Repair process, the artists at Bokrosh Studio communicate clearly and frequently with the client in order to ensure that the client receives their Glass Repair as originally described by Bokrosh Studio.

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Bokrosh Studio always recommends that the collector contact the original artist, if possible, prior to glass repair.

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