The Importance of Antique Murano Glass Repair

Antiques are some of the most treasured items we can own, especially to a collector. Because antiques are typically one of a kind, it’s important to keep them safe from harm and, if they do break, to get them repaired with a trusted source. That’s why it is important to find a Murano glass repair expert that will be sure to restore broken glass to its former quality.

A piece of glass art can be easily damaged whether it has glass components or it is solid. While there are precautions one can take to make sure it doesn’t break eg: NEVER use hot water for cleaning. Unfortunately Venetian glass can occasionally be damaged and then it’s out of the collectors hands. Rather than getting rid of the piece, you may want to consider these main reasons to repair broken Murano glass:
  • It’s worth a lot. Buying a piece of Murano glass artwork, especially from the island of Murano, can be a financial investment. The time, consideration and sentimental value that goes into a purchase such as this makes it worth getting fixed. Once you spend that much money on something, it is a wise investment to keep it in perfect condition rather than leaving it damaged or getting rid of it. Because some Murano glass sculptures can range anywhere from $1000 to over $10,000 it’s important to really think things through once you make the purchase—damages are worth fixing.
  • It’s irreplaceable. These antique glass sculptures are pieces of art and often they are one of a kind. With such a unique, irreplaceable object, it’s a good idea to restore broken glass as there’s no way to run out and buy another one. It’s going to be hard enough to find someone who can fix it perfectly, but once you do, you’ll be glad you preserved your priceless piece of art.
  • The right person can repair it completely. While many may offer to use inferior UV glue for bonding and filling, be rest assured that certain artists can perform a higher level of antique glass repair. With special cutting and polishing techniques, the Murano glass repair job becomes more of a restoration where owners can hardly tell the difference from the original damage.


Why is it so difficult to find someone who can fix your antique Murano glass pieces?

The reason is because there are only a few if even that many qualified glass restoration experts in the entire US who can produce top-quality repairs, like Bokrosh Studio. Do you have a Murano Glass Sculpture in need of repair? Are you looking for professional Venetian glass repair in New York, San Francisco, Florida or Los Angeles? Bokrosh Studio has been performing glass art repair and creating original glass sculptures since 1985. With our 44 years of Antique glass repair experience, you can be sure your precious glass object is in capable hands.

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