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Broken Art Glass. Steuben glass repairWhether you are hoping to preserve a cherished family glass heirloom or repair that exciting estate sale find, a qualified antique glass repair service can help you restore those collectable artworks so that they retain their unique beauty for years to come. As an experienced glass artisan and restoration expert, Michael Bokrosh of Bokrosh Studio offers customized glass repair services, including such specialized areas as Steuben glass repair and Tiffany glass repair. With over 40 years’ experience, as well as a résumé that includes training with master craftsmen from around the globe, Bokrosh provides superior glass restoration services for projects of any size.

Why is Antique Glass Restoration a Good Investment?

Several glass artisan companies are renowned for their historically significant presence in the area of prized collectables. These famed providers each developed a following based on their unique appeal, and the inherent fragility of glass as an artistic medium further enhances the value of popular antique glass. Unlike many other antiques, glass collectables in good condition are regarded as particularly special in that such fragile items continue to withstand the test of time. However damage does occur, but rather than count that precious piece as a devalued loss, utilizing an expert glass repair service can help you recover and retain your artwork for years to come.

What Makes Bokrosh Studio Qualified for Antique Glass Repair?

While any novice with a rudimentary grasp on glass artistry can claim to provide glass repair service, remember that, like any complex object, simple fixes are never the right ones. Antique glass repair, such as Lalique glass repair, requires specialized experience not only in glass work, but also in the specialized techniques that these popular producers employ. For example, Daum glass repair isn’t just about the construction of the original work; an expert restorer will be familiar with the source materials and artist-specific techniques. Michael Bokrosh also possesses a discerning eye for the aesthetics of these pieces, and strives to ensure his restoration efforts remain true to their age, character, and appearance.

Are you looking for a glass restoration expert in New York City, Los Angeles or Chicago? Bokrosh Studio has been completing top-quality glass repair since 1985. With over 42 years of experience in the glass sculpture and the glass repair industry, you can be sure your beloved glass sculpture is in good hands. Contact our glass repair and restoration professionals by calling 206-941-7976.

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