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Restoring the Beauty of Art Glass with Repair and Restoration

Art glass is a special form of art – it seems not entirely liquid, nor entirely solid, it is both -- as well as intricate and flowing. It is one of life's great rewards when a special piece of art glass is added to the elegance and style to your home. In the last 30 years, glass art has seen a considerable increase in popularity. Many people choose to add glass sculptures to their art collections. Unfortunately, the very nature of glass sculpture makes it a fragile medium. When these sculptures are broken, owners must find a skilled restoration and repair specialist, such as Bokrosh Studio which produces glass repair in Seattle.

Art glass is often an important financial investment. Many of the superior pieces of glass sculpture range in prices of tens of thousands and even more. It’s crucial to protect your investment. If your art glass is broken, please don’t put your damaged sculpture in the closet for years. You don’t have to write off your art investment! With careful restoration, a skilled artisan like Michael Bokrosh can fix broken art glass.

Your glass artwork is entirely unique and there are many different styles and techniques – some dating back for centuries, other contemporary in nature.  Finding a truly unique piece is a bit like finding a treasure. If you do find that unique glass sculpture and it’s damaged, consider using art glass repair to bring the piece back to life.

Michael Bokrosh is the skilled artisan that can produce restorations to these special pieces of art. With his unique skills, he can fix broken art glass to the point that the repair is undetectable, which is referred to as full restoration. As an artist himself, Michael respects the original intent of the artist. His art glass repairs and restoration focus on restoring the piece with respect to the artistic vision of the artist, without influencing or changing the piece.

At, Michael Bokrosh has dedicated his life to working with glass sculpture. As a teen, he apprenticed in his family glass business. He continued his education in a variety of glass studios in the US and extended training programs in Europe, including training at Orrefors Glass School in Sweden and Pilchuck glass studio in Seattle. After almost 38 years of working with glass and training with glass masters, Michael produces amazing original glass sculpture featured in glass galleries, corporate collections and hundreds of individual homes throughout the US while also providing glass restoration in Seattle.

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