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Fine glass art sculptures carry within them a unique, three-dimensional beauty that is prized by many art enthusiasts. Blending form, texture and light, glass is a unique artistic medium that captivates the eye and captures the imagination. However, like any artistic medium, glass is inherently fragile and prone to scratching, chipping and breakage. If you have a piece of glass sculpture that has been damaged, you can salvage that artistic treasure through the process of fine art glass restoration.

What is Glass Restoration?

Glass restoration, when done correctly by a skilled and knowledgeable artist, is a complex and time-consuming process. The methodology of glass conservation isn’t simply piecing or “gluing” the sculpture back together with Super Glue, which by the way will always fail. The restoration process requires a fine hand experienced in the techniques used to create the piece, an appreciation for the construction and an aesthetic eye for piece of glass art restored. Very often, the restorer needs to approach the repair with careful planning and execution to ensure that the restoration work improves upon, rather than detracts from, the original integrity of the piece. The restoration of glass requires skill, finesse and most importantly, the care and professionalism to treat each work with the respect it deserves.

Where Can I Find an Expert Glass Restorer?

For over 42 years, Bokrosh Studio has been providing expert glass restoration services. Headed by master craftsman and a renowned artist is his own right Michael Bokrosh, Bokrosh Studio has restored millions of dollars worth of art glass, and can repair blown glass, crystal, antique glass, and other forms of fine glass sculpture. Having trained around the world, Michael uses his skills to restore art glass to its original, beautiful state. He provides comprehensive consultations to his clients so that they know what to expect, and works diligently to provide the very best service possible.

Are you looking for a glass restoration expert in New York City, Los Angeles or Chicago? Bokrosh Studio has been completing top-quality glass repair since 1985. With over 42 years of experience in the glass sculpture and the glass repair industry, you can be sure your beloved glass sculpture is in good hands. Contact our glass repair and restoration professionals by calling 206-941-7976.

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