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Daum Glass Repair ExpertCollecting glass art sculpture can be one of the most beautiful options for enhancing your home or business, and each piece has a rich vision, story, and history behind its creation. As a medium, glass continues to fascinate with its endless variety of colors, forms, and possibilities. Captivating and alluring, glass sculpture offers a truly unique avenue for personal expression. Whether you are looking for a small piece to add to your collection, or wishing to commission a one-of-a-kind glass sculpture that follows your specific vision, Bokrosh Studio wants to show you the fascinating world of art glass sculpture. With nearly 42 years of glass experience, Michael Bokrosh offers pieces that truly reflect master craftsmanship and a dynamic synthesis of artistic vision and flawless technical execution.

Having accumulated a wealth of training and experience, both domestically and internationally, Michael Bokrosh has built a solid reputation in the glass restoration industry. He targets his expertise to the repair of art glass sculpture, and between his training and restoration skill, he has also channeled his talents into crafting his own brand of art glass sculpture, including pieces both small and monumental in scale. The thriving Bokrosh Studio showcases Michael’s talent for artistic balance and expert craftsmanship, earning him custom commission requests from noted corporations such as Boeing, Seattle Mariners, Paccar and the Houston Astros baseball club to list a few.

As an experienced artist Michael understands that each piece has a unique story to tell, and he invites you to contact him to learn more about his existing glass sculpture offerings, as well as commission opportunities. Coming from a family tradition of glass artistry, Michael is passionate about sharing the dynamic beauty and kaleidoscope of possibilities that optical art glass sculpture has to offer. If you are already a collector, remember that Michael is also an expert in glass restoration and repair, and he can assist you in recovering pieces in your collection that have been damaged.

Bokrosh Studio has been creating glass art sculpture - as well as completing the finest in glass art restorations - since 1985. If you have a glass sculpture in need of restoration in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, or New York City, a glass art conservation specialist can help. With our 42 years of glass experience, you can be assured your piece is in the very best of hands. Contact our restoration professionals by calling 206-941-7976.

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