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There are few things that can add beauty and color to a home like an art glass sculpture. At Bokrosh Studio you’ll find many varieties of original glass sculptures, some ranging in price from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. There is no denying that Art glass sculpture adds elegance and class to any home.

Unfortunately, one of the downsides of keeping glass sculptures in your home is that you run the risk of damage to the art. Unlike a sculpture made of bronze or marble, art glass sculpture is a little more fragile. It can easily be chipped or damaged, often by cats or even a dog’s tail!

There are many famous glass artists that produce amazing glass sculpture. Murano glass includes sculpture and vases made by a variety of well-known Italian glass masters, executed in a variety of styles, colors and glass techniques. There are many famous production facilities of glass sculpture, including Hoya, Galle, Waterford, Kosta/Boda, Stueben as well as others. If you are searching for art glass in antique stores or second hand shops, you may find great sculptures by a variety of these companies that are discounted because they are damaged.

It’s incredibly common for collectors to get rid of a piece if it has a few knicks, chips were even major damage. Some people even put their broken glass art treasures into the back of their closets for years so they do not have to look at them! But the good news is that it’s possible to have Murano art glass, or any famous glass repaired so that it is seamless and hard to detect. A glass gallery or a second hand store’s decision to get rid of a marred piece can be an incredible opportunity for you to own a Murano glass sculpture for just the price of the glass restoration.

Your favorite glass pieces can be repaired skillfully at   Michael Bokrosh provides artistry and experience to make broken art glass restoration look brand-new.  Take a look at the samples of our glass repairs on our website. You’ll find that Bokrosh Studio can repair art glass sculpture, even when the sculpture is in pieces.  Michael makes broken art glass repair a work of art.

Michael Bokrosh also produces beautiful original designs of his own art glass sculptures. As an amazing glass artist of 37 years, his original work is both compelling and exciting. Art glass sculpture will add beauty to your home, whether it is a second-hand piece that has been repaired or a brand new sculpture. To see examples of Michael’s work, go to:

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