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The Limited Edition
Solid Optic Crystal Baseball Bat™

Crystal Glass Baseball Bat

Bokrosh Studio is proud to present the unparalleled trophy for both the Major League Baseball Professional and the discriminating Baseball Collector. This elegant sculpture is created by hand-turning optical crystal glass, the finest glass available, and known throughout the world for its unsurpassed clarity and brilliance. The countless hours and talent necessary to create this extraordinary art piece is the culmination of 34 years in the art glass field by sculptor Michael Bokrosh.

Bokrosh Studio can perfect the Crystal Baseball Bat™ to match your personal bat's dimension or you can select from the many styles of vintage or contemporary major league baseball bats available. Once selected, the "sweet spot" on the outside surface of your Crystal Bat will be engraved with your own trademark or a replica of your favorite players' trademarked bat ®; e.g. Hillerich & Bradsby, Louisville, Adirondack, Rawlings etc.

Priced at $30,000, the Crystal Bat comes with a wall-mounted curved glass and oak display case which not only displays but also preserves and protects this unique art treasure. Also included is a sturdy permanent shipping case, suitable for safely shipping the Crystal Bat anywhere in the world. This Crystal Baseball Bat™ is a museum quality art sculpture that will certainly appreciate in value for the collector and become a cherished heirloom for the next generation of baseball aficionados.

Clear Optic Glass Baseball Bat Glass Bat in Wall Case Glass Bat on Lathe Clear Optic on Lathe
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Premium Crystal Baseball Bat™

Bat Photo
Laser Engraved - Blue

The Premium Crystal Baseball Bat™ is the same as above and includes a customized 3-D laser engraved image on the inside of the barrel of the bat. We have the ability to customize any likeness, such as a glove, baseball, or a player's pitch or swing, into a 3-D image. The Premium Crystal Baseball Bat™ comes with its own unique lighting (multi-colored option pictured above) inside the glass and oak wall-mounted display case. The price of the Premium Crystal Baseball Bat™ starts at $50,000 and varies with the design & complexity of the 3-D image desired.

To Place Your Order

Each Crystal Bat is individually hand-crafted by the prestigious Bokrosh Studio. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of ordering, with a minimum lead time of 60 days. All materials used in the manufacture of the Crystal Bat are made in the USA, in the time-honored way by hand, in honor of the quintessential American sport.

Why not Call ahead and make an appointment for a personal showing? Fly out for a ball game at Safeco Field (we are only minutes away) and visit Bokrosh Studio.

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Whether you wish to honor a special occasion or commemorate a milestone in your baseball career, this full-sized Crystal Baseball Bat will be the definitive expression of your skills as one of the elite professionals and/or connoisseurs of baseball memorabilia.
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