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Master Glass Restoration and repair

Throughout history, glass as a medium has captivated people for its startling contrast between a seemingly solid texture and its inherent fragility. Whether a functional lamp of colorful Tiffany glass, or a purely artistic work of blown glass sculpture, glass appeals to multiple senses and remains popular among collectors and decorators across the world. In today’s culture of mass manufacturing, we tend to forget about the levels of skill, experience, and vision it takes to produce a glass sculpture that is as well-made as it is aesthetically pleasing. However, astute collectors both know and understand the exquisite quality of an expertly crafted glass art piece, and appreciate the need to preserve such work for generations to come. While the inherent nature of glass often leads to scratches, damage, or breakage, an artisan experienced in art glass restoration can help heal and preserve such pieces without sacrificing the original integrity of the work.

Why is An Expert Needed for Glass Restoration?

Glass conservation, like the work being performed at Bokrosh Studio, is a process that is as unique as the original artwork. First, the restoration expert must have the technical skill and experience to recognize the type of glass and the techniques that were used to create it. For example, to repair blown glass may require an entirely different process than the restoration of a solid glass sculpture. Simply understanding the construction of the item is not enough; the artisan must also have a well-trained and adept hand at working within those particular techniques. Beyond technical knowledge, the restoration of glass also requires an aesthetic finesse so that repairs are incorporated in a way that will blend with the original work. A discerning glass restorer knows which pieces are salvageable, which can be repaired with slight modifications, and which are honestly damaged beyond hope of repair.

What Experience Does Bokrosh Studio Have in Restoration?

As an artist with more than four decades of experience in glass work, Michael Bokrosh has trained with master glass artisans around the world. His extensive work with all types of glass mediums, as well as his familiarity with the full spectrum of popular glass art providers, makes him uniquely qualified for even the most difficult restorations. Michael brings a level of care, control, and shrewd discernment to each and every project he undertakes. His extensive portfolio speaks for itself, and his level of professionalism has garnered him high-profile clients, such as professional sports teams and international corporations.

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