The Craftsmanship Revival—How Bokrosh Studio’s Glass Restoration Efforts Forward the Cause

Contemporary glass artist Michael Bokrosh

In our increasingly digital age, many people are pulling back from the culture of consumerism that values buying new instead of preserving old. From flipping houses to salvage experts, the popularity of this theme is seen in dozens of shows and online videos. People can now see what a little know-how, creativity and vision can accomplish. Rather than giving up on damaged fixtures or artwork, they seek to restore them to their original glory. This spirit of valuing craftsmanship is helping preserve incredible objects, and allowing us to appreciate the value of respecting the past.

In our mass market, mass production society, we often miss out on the types of craftsmanship that were once such an ingrained part of our society. In fact, the phrase, “they just don’t make them like they used to,” has become a regular statement regarding numerous arenas, including cars, furniture, homes, and artwork. Genuine craftsman were people who trained extensively,Michael’s portfolio showcases masterful glass art techniques and breathtaking vision
worked passionately, valued attention to detail, and who never cut corners in order to make a cheap sale.

As a contemporary glass artist and expert in the restoration of glass, Michael Bokrosh of Bokrosh Studio demonstrates that not only is the spirit of the authentic, quality craftsmanship alive and well in our nation, but that it continues to grow. Through his own works and his glass conservation efforts, he is part of a movement back toward a culture that appreciates skill and artistry rather than the mass market.

While Michael’s portfolio showcases masterful glass art techniques and breathtaking vision, his work in art glass restoration demonstrates his commitment to preserving the legacies of iconic glass artists. Unlike many artistic mediums, glass stands out for its inherent fragility. Many believe that damaged or broken pieces are lost forever, and can never be restored. Michael, on the other hand, knows that glass repair and restoration requires a synthesis of experience, technique, training, and an eye for the intended aesthetic of a piece. His restoration portfolio features numerous examples of treasured works that the brought back from certain ruin. While the restoration process is never easy or straightforward, he believes that the effort is worth it to preserve these works for the future.

If you have damaged glass art or fixtures, such as Murano glass, Bertil glass or Steuben glass, Bokrosh Studio can help. When you contact Michael at 206-860-9748, he will give you all of the information you need about the process from start to finish. By taking the time to repair your artwork, you too help forward a tradition of valuing craftsmanship and the way in which it enriches our lives.




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