Broken Crystal And Glass Art Can Be Mended Through Professional Glass Restoration

Broken Art Glass. Steuben glass repairGlass art and sculpture offer both a visual and tactile experience, capturing the imagination and enhancing any environment. Throughout history, crystal and similar glass art have been cherished for their stunning craftsmanship and luminous characteristics. However, the inherent fragility of glass makes these pieces vulnerable to damage, even with careful handling. Far too often, people attempt to repair damaged crystal themselves, and find that their efforts to mend broken glass art only further mar the delicate aesthetic of these works. If you have a piece of precious crystal or glass in need of repair, a professional glass restorer may be able to revive your items so that you can continue to enjoy them for years to come.

Is Professional Glass Restoration Worth The Investment?

When paintings, sculptures, or other notable artworks are damaged, collectors turn to professional artisans to carefully restore them without harming the integrity of the original works. The same concept applies for glass repair and restoration. For example, crystal repairs do not simply involve “gluing” the broken item back together or buffing out a scratch. Professional glass restorers utilize extensive training, as well as their expertise with the original materials and construction techniques used in crafting the piece, in order to revitalize the work to its original glory. The success of any repair depends on the level of damage, but in many cases, the restorer can blend the repairs into the work with near seamlessness.

How Do I Find a Qualified Glass Restorer?

Recognized for both local Seattle glass repair, as well as the restoration of artwork from around the world, Bokrosh Studio carries the distinction of over 20 years on intensive work in glass restoration and repair. Founder Michael Bokrosh combines his four decades of training and experience, with his family’s history and tradition of excellence in glass craftsmanship, in order to deliver superior restoration services. Trusted by hundreds of clients and utilized by national corporations, Bokrosh Studio takes pride on providing people with the very best repairs so that they can feel confident that their works will return to them whole and healed. If you are looking for a qualified restorer to repair Waterford crystal, glass sculpture, or any other glass art, contact Bokrosh Studio to learn more about how a professional glass restorer can help.

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