How To Care For Your Glass Sculpture

Glass art can come in all kinds of beautiful and inspirational forms.  However, one of the most popular and stunning ways to use this material is in glass sculpture which can range in style from the modern to the classic.  There are currently millions of pieces of glass sculpture that were produced during the 20th century residing in homes around the world.  Perhaps you have some in your own art collection.
Some of the most popular types of glass sculpture include:

  • Blown Glass – the ancient tradition of heating glass until it melts, gathering it on the end of a blowpipe, and then blowing air into it until it forms a bubble.  This technique is basic but can produce some of the most delicate and stunning pieces of glass art sculpture.
  • Cast Glass – is also melted but once it is liquefied it is poured into a mold to produce a sculpture.
  • Slumped and Lampwork Glass – These are similar techniques which involves taking more than one glass element, melting it and combining them into either a free-form art sculpture or molded into a single piece of art work.
  • Cold Worked Glass—this is usually a very high quality glass that is than cold sculpted by cutting and polishing the glass by an experienced glass artist. 

Whether your glass art sculpture was made by a well-known artist and has monetary value or has sentimental value for you and your family, you don’t want to see it damaged or destroyed. Unfortunately, the risk of damage to glass sculpture can be significant depending oni how delicate this material is. The good news is that there are highly qualified professionals who are trained in restoration and conservation of glass art sculpture.

Your glass repair artisan will be able to provide you with a professional evaluation on the value, wear and condition of your sculpture.  He will give you recommendations for preserving your artwork and keeping it in beautiful shape for generations to come.  If your glass art sculpture is broken or seriously damaged, not all is lost.

Finding someone to help you care for your damaged or aging glass art sculpture is not difficult, but it does require that you spend the time to locate an artist with experience and qualifications.  Someone who has been in the glass repair business for long enough will have a body of work as with before and after pictures, and excellent professional references which they’ll be happy to share with you.

Don’t be afraid to display your family heirlooms or to showcase that prized glass sculpture you bought on your vacation.  You’ll be able to enjoy your glass art sculpture with the knowledge that it can be enjoyed indefinitely with proper care.

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