Revitalize Antique Glass Fixtures With Bokrosh Studio

Revitalize Antique Glass Fixtures With Bokrosh Studio

As the latest DYI shows demonstrate, reclaiming and repurposing antique fixtures is rising trend in home improvement. Home builders and remodelers value items like glass art chandeliers because these items bring a unique style and historical richness to a home, and they also add value and character. The popularity of antique fixtures is also creating a demand for savvy sellers. From estate sales to junkyards, enterprising individuals are finding bargain fixtures and turning them into antique treasures through thoughtful restoration. While some fixtures are easy to revitalize, others require specialized attention. For true-to-period glass repairs, an experienced glass restoration expert like Bokrosh Studio helps clients recover and preserve those special fixtures.

What Kinds of Restoration Can Bokrosh Studio Perform?

From chandelier repair to antique glass light fixtures, Bokrosh Studio provides comprehensive, medium-appropriate glass restoration services. With over four decades as a glass craftsman, Michael Bokrosh has studied with glass masters around the world, and is intimately familiar with the wide variety of popular antique glass brands. He knows that, when seeking glass restoration, his clients want the very best and most accurate repairs so that the items retain their historical integrity. He approaches each project with an eye toward the original material, construction methods, and how best to blend a repair into the finished piece.

How Can I Get an Estimate for My Fixture Repair?

Because each project is unique, Bokrosh encourages clients to contact his studio for an individualized quote. For example, someone looking for Venetian glass chandelier parts has an entirely different project scope that a client in need of a major repair to a Tiffany fixture. Depending on the type of damage or breakage, the techniques and man-hours needed vary greatly. For client convenience, Bokrosh not only offers a comprehensive estimate and timeline, he also keeps clients apprised of project progress every step of the way. To learn more, or to discover how you can revitalize your bargain fixtures to historical glory, contact Bokrosh Studio for more information.

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