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Bring New Life to Cherished Pieces with Glass Restoration

Do you have a favorite antique glass vase or glass sculpture – perfect except for a chip or nick on the rim? Don’t throw your beautiful sculpture away. In the hands of a skilled artisan, like Michael Bokrosh of, antique glass restoration can bring new life to a cherished piece.

Glass restoration is a challenging process that requires a great deal of skill. In the instance of a nick or chip, the damaged area is carefully ground and polished. With the right amount of grinding and polishing, the nick is virtually undetectable -- the glass sculpture is “restored” to its original condition. But if this process is not done carefully, the repair or restoration of glass art will become a real tragedy – resulting in a piece of glass destroyed beyond repair.

At, Michael offers years of training and skilled artistry to provide antique glass restoration. In fact, he’s successfully repaired millions of dollars in art glass. Our website features many examples of his careful glass repairs and antique glass repair.

Glass restoration requires skill and artistry. Without the right care, a glass sculpture could become irreparably damaged. It’s important to get an expert opinion on whether a glass sculpture can just be repaired or completely restored. Michael will provide you with an honest assessment on whether you're glass art will either be repaired or fully restored.

Collecting glass is a fascinating hobby. You never know where you’ll find that hidden gem – a garage sale, thrift store, or on sale at a high-end gallery. You don’t have to pass over a great piece simply because it has sustained some damage. Through the repair and restoration process, you can enjoy the piece with the same beauty the artist intended.  Good glass restoration results in repairs that the original artist would have difficulty detecting.

As a glass artist, Michael is committed to honoring the beauty of the piece with careful repair and restoration of the glass. His glass repairs are made carefully to retain the vision of the artist, as well as maintain the original beauty of the glass sculpture.  To review some of our successful glass restoration, go to: Your valuable pieces will be treated with care and respect and returned to you in remarkable condition.

Author: Michael Bokrosh.

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