Celebrate Milestone Events with Custom Glass Artwork From Bokrosh Studio

Contemporary glass artist Michael Bokrosh

Milestones like birthdays and anniversaries are cause for celebration, but loved ones often struggle to come up with inspiring gift ideas. They want something unique, expressive, and a gift that acknowledges just how important and noteworthy these occasions can be.

If you find yourself in such position, why not commission a work of glassCustom glass art by Bokrosh Studios. Hire a contemporary glass artist art intended specifically for your loved one? Original glass artwork is not only thoughtful, it’s an investment, and a way to show just how much you appreciate the recipient.

Glass art, for one, offers a stunning blend of form, color, light and texture. Artists that do custom glass create visually stunning sculptures that will captivate the imagination. For a truly unique gift, Bokrosh Studio offers custom glass artwork.

When you hire a contemporary glass artist, like studio founder Michael Bokrosh, you gain a master craftsman who creates iconic sculptures. Michael emerged as a self-taught craftsman before seeking formal training in Europe and his art is part of public and private collections across the world.

His skillful approach lends itself well to the medium, and his eye for detail helps drive the creative process. Michael also believes that good communication between the Studio and his clientele is an essential part of every commission. We invite you to browse his site for examples of his work, including some large-scale glass sculptures that are truly inspired.

When you gift a unique glass sculpture, you give the recipient a symbol that celebrates just how much you value him or her. What an incredibly unique way to mark a milestone!

Michael Bokrosh has extensive experience custom designing glass sculpture for over 46 years at Bokrosh Studios in Seattle. Are you looking for very high end and stunning glass sculpture in New York, San Francisco, Florida, Los Angeles or around the world? Then it’s important for you to know that Bokrosh Studio has been creating large one of a kind glass sculptures since 1985 starting at $20k and up to $300k. Contact Michael by calling (206) 860-9748 today.



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