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Do you have a collection of crystal art glass? Crystal glass is mesmerizing, especially the way it catches and reflects the light through the beautiful facets. These facets provide crystal with the special ability to catch and refract light. Whether your crystal includes a chandelier or a collection of crystal glass sculpture there’s something to appeal to all tastes.

Actually, crystal isn’t really glass. Sound confusing? Glass is formed with a combination of silica and some chemicals such as potassium oxide or calcium oxide. This chemical mix makes the molten glass flux and become stable when cooled. Crystal, often referred to as lead crystal, uses lead oxide as the flux and stabilizer, replacing the other oxides. This is what gives the crystalline structure to the glass. The word “crystal” comes from the Venetian word cristallo – rock crystal that was both invented and produced by Murano glassmakers during the fifteenth century.

Just because a favourite crystal glass piece becomes damaged doesn’t mean that you have to throw the art glass away. Sometimes crystal repair can make a favourite piece look brand new. At Bokrosh Studio, we perform full glass restoration – restoring a damaged glass sculpture to its original value. Crystal art repair is done with a combination of glass art techniques. If the crystal is suffering from a slight chip or ding, the crystal repair is accomplished through subtle grinding and polishing of the piece. Our Seattle glass repair studio works with diamond tip grinders to smooth out the nicks and polish the surface so that it looks as original as possible and often just like a new piece of crystal glass.

Crystal art repair can be especially useful for individuals that have collections of Waterford, Kosta/Boda, Orrefors, Hoya or Steuben Crystal. Whenever crystal glass in your collection is damaged you don’t have to completely give up on your favourite piece of crystal glass. Instead, our Seattle glass repair will provide crystal repair or possibly replace missing chandelier glass parts, replicating the original.

At, our crystal art repairs our performed by glass artist Michael Bokrosh. Michael’s extensive experience and training in the finest glass schools in Europe, combined with his amazing artistry, produce crystal repair that is impeccable. Michael also produces original Glass Art and beautiful Optical Glass Sculptures. This is Art Glass that can enhance any Crystal or glass sculpture collection. For more information about Michael’s original work, go to:

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