Renovating a Historic Home? Bokrosh Glass Studio Offers Antique Glass Restoration to Help You Salvage Those Unique Lighting Fixtures

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Both in the greater Seattle area and across the nation, many enterprising homeowners are undertaking the task of restoring historical houses that have suffered from years of decay and neglect. In an era of consumerism, when far too many people would prefer to tear down and build new, rather than restore, these restoration adventurers are helping preserve the unique quality and craftsmanship that these homes showcase. Rather than replacing items like glass chandeliers or other glass fixtures, these homeowners turn to restoration experts to help preserve the character and originality of their properties. When it comes to antique glass repair, a qualified glass restoration specialist can help repair and restore glass features, and in the process help homeowners preserve the historical beauty of their houses for generations to come.

As an experienced expert in glass restoration, Michael Bokrosh of Bokrosh Studio has been helping recover and restore antique glass for over four decades.

From crystal chandelier repair to the restoration of glass sculpture, Michael brings his extensive training and skills to each and every project, ensuring that glass items are restored to the best possible condition. Antique crystal chandeliers are some of the most common fixtures that homeowners want to salvage, because they are often such a beautiful representation of a home’s historic charm. When looking for glass chandelier repair, homeowners need someone who understands the specific type and construction of the original glass as well as the history of that type of glass, so that any repairs or replacements blend into the original fixture as seamlessly as possible. Michael understands that antique glass repair isn’t simply about returning function; it is about preserving the detailed craftsmanship that is so often lost in our modern world of mass-manufacturing. He approaches each and every glass restoration project with an intense respect for the original work, and strives to ensure his efforts reflect the piece as it was meant to be viewed.

If you are considering a glass chandelier restoration project, or are simply in need of minor glass repair, Bokrosh Studio invites you to contact us to discuss your needs. Michael will help you understand your options and also give you an honest, realistic assessment of how well your piece can be repaired or restored. Let Bokrosh Studio help you preserve your antique glass, so that your home can continue to reflect the historic significance that you treasure so much.

If you have a crystal glass chandelier in need of restoration in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City or any other town in the US, a glass art conservation specialist can help.

Bokrosh Studio has been restoring glass art - and completing the finest in glass art repairs - since 1985. With our 42 years of glass experience, you can be assured your piece is in the very best of hands. Contact our glass restoration professionals by calling 206-941-7976.

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