Daum Glass Repair Expert

Daum Glass Repair Expert

In 1906, an ancient Egyptian method of glass casting, known as pate de verre, or glass paste, was revived by the sons of Jean Daum, who founded the Daum glass art studio in France. They worked many years to perfect this process and by the 1930s Daum made glass sculptures that used pate de verre for richness of color instead of coloring glass by painting it. This unique and ancient process involves a technique where crushed glass is packed into a high a temperature refractory mold and then the glass pieces are fused together in a kiln. The pate de verre process is still very popular and Daum is still creating some of the most famous art glass sculptures, today.

If you own one of Daum’s magnificent pieces, you can truly appreciate all of the care and effort that goes into the making of each art glass sculpture. Since Daum is the singular name that uses the pate de verre process for art glass sculptures, owning a Daum piece is truly something to be cherished. 

So what do you do when one of your most prized Daum glass sculptures is chipped or broken?

As a collector, accidents can happen, or you may purchase a piece that already has some damage with the intent of restoring the art glass sculpture. Hopefully, you will not reach for the super glue. This will almost certainly lower the value of your sculpture the second you apply it and won’t even be an option if a piece is missing.

The best thing to do is seek the help of a glass restoration expert, one that is very experienced in Daum glass repair. Because of the intricate detail that goes into making each Daum glass piece, restoring it to its original condition can be demanding.

The first challenge may be to make a missing piece that matches the color of the original Daum glass piece. The next steps in the process include shaping, polishing, and etching, which all present different challenges of their own.  With the help of expert glass restoration professional the desired look can often be achieved.

It is equally important to have the help of a professional glass repair expert if the original look of the piece needs to be achieved by glass restoration. If the original look cannot be achieved, the damaged art glass sculpture restoration expert may offer you several creative options to repair it. You want the restoration work to be as subtle as possible; so most people would not be able to tell the difference. A professional glass art restoration expert can often achieve a result that the original artist may not be able to notice even by close examination. A good glass restoration artist will use a plenty of good communication with you the client as well as their own skill and creativity to ensure that the repair process is as smooth as possible.

Bokrosh Studio takes great pride in every art glass sculpture that is restored or repaired. We will use our creativity and experience to renew your Daum glass sculpture so that you can take as much pleasure in each piece as you did when it was in its original condition.

The next time you are in need of a Daum glass repair expert, call us at 206-941-7976. Bokrosh Studio doesn’t just offer glass repair, we also have been creating our own collectable optical glass sculptures for over 30 years.

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