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Broken Art Glass. Steuben glass repair

If you are an aficionado of antique glass, you know that the value lies not only in the aesthetics, but also the historical significance each piece represents. Unlike other antique collectables, glass art and sculptures carry with them the distinction of being extremely fragile. This, unfortunately, means that pieces are often damaged and broken, making it difficult to preserve these icons of classical craftsmanship. However, with the right resources, you don’t have to accept that your damaged antique glass is diminished forever. Depending on the type of item and level of damage, glass restoration may revitalize your antique glass, and very often, may do so in a seamless fashion.

How Well Does Antique Glass Repair Work?

As with any repair project, each attempt at antique glass restoration as unique and customized as the artwork itself. For example the techniques used to repair crystal glass are completely different than those used for Tiffany repair. However, an experienced glass restoration expert, like the founder of Bokrosh Studio, has the extensive training and technical skill to approach repairs, and craft solutions that respect the original integrity of the art. Glass repair is not just about precision and know-how; a truly excellent restorer approaches each project with an eye for the aesthetics, an understanding of the item’s history, and an honest projection about how the finished repair will work. In the Seattle area, Bokrosh Studio has been offering specialized antique glass repair for decades, and Michael Bokrosh has been internationally recognized for his superior skill and craftsmanship.  If you are in need of repair for Daum glassware, Tiffany glass, or any other renowned antique glass, Bokrosh Studio can help.

Because each restoration project is different, Bokrosh Studio invites you to contact us for a consultation. Michael will walk you through the repair process and explain to you what you can expect along the way. Preserve your antique glass for generations to come with expert restoration from Bokrosh Studio!

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