Do You Have A Treasured Piece of Glass Or Crystal Award That Has Been Damaged?

Many Forms Of Art Glass Sculpture & Trophies Can Be Beautifully Restored

Crystal Trophy

When you were a kid, nothing quite compared to the feeling you had when you earned that magnificent trophy. Back then, that “magnificent” trophy might have been a plastic golden ball player on top of a simulated wood column, all mounted on a faux marble base. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? Back in 1961 - or maybe even today if you have a 12 year-old - it most definitely is.

Today both trophies and awards often are much more advanced, even for 12 year-olds. In fact, in days long gone by, you might also find a number of uniquely crafted crystal or glass awards that were bestowed on individuals for unique recognition.

Many of today’s most noted awards are constructed of glass or crystal as well. These pieces become more than just a bowler’s trophy - they become an art glass sculpture that proudly adorns a home or office.

Glass artisans today will often be commissioned to make one-of-a-kind awards made entirely of glass or crystal. You might see such beautiful, unique art glass sculptures presented at big-name golf or other sport championships, and often work or performance achievement awards. Unfortunately, acts of nature, mishandling, improper storage or a simple accident can cause damage to glass art. If you find yourself with a glass or crystal award that has been damaged, a glass art restoration expert can help. In many cases, the glass art can be restored to its original beauty with the repair virtually invisible to the naked eye.

The award might have a solid glass or crystal base, supporting a beautiful angular top noting the recognition received. If the top becomes separated from the base, no amount of super adhesive will hold the two pieces together; that glue job will surely fail and probably cause even more damage when it falls apart again. But a glass art restoration expert can grind down the top of the base, and reattach the angular top back onto the base using high-tech museum quality adhesive combined with years of glass craftsmanship. The result: an award that looks and stands as good as new.

You might have a crystal or Murano glass award featuring a bird with a wing extended or a swimmer with an arm extended. Accidents happen – and when they do, it might mean the loss of the trophy’s arm or leg. Don’t despair – a glass art restoration expert can repair this trophy with Venetian glass replacement parts.

If the broken wing or arm can be safely reattached, a high tech adhesive will be used to join the two pieces to restore a natural, secure bond. If the damage is such that the two cannot be rejoined, then a new arm or wing can be created using Venetian, or Murano, or crystal glass replacement parts. The result: a trophy that looks like new. Even the most discriminating eye will not be able to tell that it has been restored.

Your glass or crystal award is more than just a shiny object to sit on a shelf – it has cherished memories associated with it; a symbol of your great accomplishments, something in which you hold with significant pride. Its beauty is more too – a true art glass sculpture that you enjoy displaying. When it becomes damaged, know that a glass art restoration expert can help restore its original beauty.

If you have a glass or crystal trophy in need of repair in Chicago, Los Angeles or New York City, a professional glass art restoration expert can help. Bokrosh Studio has been creating original art glass sculpture and trophies - and completing the finest in glass art repairs - since 1985. With our 40 years of glass experience, you can be assured your prized trophy is in the very best of hands. Contact our repair and restoration professionals by calling 206-941-7976.

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