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You Don't Have To Own A Dale Chihuly Glass Sculpture Or An 18th Century Stained Glass Window To Appreciate Skilled Glass Conservation

Broken Art Glass Glass Conservation

Throughout history, there have been many historical figures, historical locations and historical objects. From Abraham Lincoln to Gettysburg to the Liberty Bell, history is chock full of historical icons.

It is a fact that historical objects are often at least partly comprised of glass. Over time, glass can become broken, damaged or otherwise unsightly. It is not difficult to imagine why, actually. Glass by itself is very fragile. Add the passing of years of wear, the rigors of storage, transport, and the sheer nature of human handling, glass can often become worn or damaged.

That’s where glass conservation can help. Experienced glass artisans carefully and skillfully work with glass art to restore its original beauty. Discoloration, cracks and broken elements all can have a negative impact on glass art, not to mention a decrease in overall value. But skilled glass conservation experts can often restore the original beauty of glass art.

Years of glass craftsmanship and training afford glass artisans the skill necessary to return damaged glass art to its original form.

Glass conservation has been used in museums from coast to coast for hundreds of years. But you don’t need to have a museum full of historic artifacts to enjoy the expertise of glass artisans who practice this craft.

You initially might think of glass conservation as restoring very old stained glass or leaded glass windows. True, this is a common form of glass conservation, as these types of windows date back hundreds of years and their collection today has become quite popular. This means that restoration of these windows has also become a popular form of conservation.

However there is a big difference between stained glass conservation and glass sculpture conservation, because they are two completely different glass art forms.

Therefore another common form of glass conservation is in restoring glass sculpture and the myriad forms of glass art. Throughout the years, glass has been used to craft some of the most exquisite sculptures in glass. Once crafted and set on display, however, the glass sculpture must be maintained, cleaned and -- when damaged -- restored. It takes a highly skilled glass artisan to provide the special care to both properly restore and preserve a work of art made from glass.

Whether it’s anything from a large Murano glass statue, or a contemporary glass sculpture; glass art throughout the ages has been created to come in all forms and sizes. The skill to carefully and meticulously restore such varieties of different glass art, when they are damaged, comes from years of experience within the restoration of the medium of glass.

You may not own a Dale Chihuly glass sculpture, or oversee a big museum with hundreds of historic artifacts, but the personal value you place on your glass art is immeasurable nonetheless. This means that a repair is just as valuable to you or even more so, as it may have a tremendous sentimental value to you; having been handed down throughout generations of your family.

Be sure when your glass sculpture is damaged or in need of restoration that you call upon an experienced glass artisan with years of experience in restoring glass art.

If you have a glass sculpture in need of restoration in San Francisco, Los Angeles or New York City, a glass art conservation specialist can help. Bokrosh Studio has been restoring glass art - and completing the finest in glass art repairs - since 1985. With our 40 years of glass experience, you can be assured your piece is in the very best of hands. Contact our restoration professionals by calling 206-941-7976.

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