Expand Your Horizons By Discovering New Glass Artists with Unique Motifs

With so much of our nation turning toward mass-production lifestyles, we often forget how the arts enhance our daily lives. Art encourages us to slow down, to experience the world through our senses, and to look beyond the hustle and bustle of our everyday routines. Likewise, art represents a fundamental building block for and about cultures around the world, and contributes to a collective history that we pass down through the generations.

We’ve reached an interesting point in the evolution of art in that the internet allows us to connect to artistic innovators across the globe and discover new and exciting artists we might never have known about otherwise. In the past either art galleries or interior designers influenced the discovery of talented artists and the procurement of their innovating work, they also created a buffer between the clients and artists.

Glass art represents a unique medium that offers a universal appeal. Artists such as Bokrosh that do custom glass are often highly trained artists/craftsman who are able to infuse their projects with breathtaking forms and colors. They dazzle us with their ability to transform the most basic elements into works that combine light and texture in unbelievable ways. As such, many collectors are embracing glass art on both the small and large scales. In fact, many corporations hire contemporary glass artist Bokrosh to create works for their headquarters so that they can further enhance their company culture. If you are looking to broaden your horizons or your art collection, this medium offers an excellent way to start.

Michael Bokrosh of Bokrosh Studio stands out as one of the most prolific modern glass artists in the nation.

His collections offer insight into the true potential of glass and create inspiration in each and every piece. As you begin your exploration of the medium, browse his websites orginial glass art pictures and videos and see why collectors turn to him for works that will bring joy for decades to come.

Michael Bokrosh has extensive experience custom designing glass sculpture for over 46 years at Bokrosh Studios in Seattle. Are you looking for very high end and stunning glass sculpture in New York, San Francisco, Florida, Los Angeles or around the world? Then it’s important for you to know that Bokrosh Studio has been creating large original glass sculptures since 1985 starting at 20k and up to 2000k. Please Contact Michael by calling (206) 860-9748 today.


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