It Doesn't Have To Be An Earthquake Or Cleaning Person That Damages Your Chandelier.

Experienced Crystal Chandelier Repair Experts Can Restore Its Original Beauty

Experienced Crystal Chandelier Repair

In today's world, chandeliers can be found in many different rooms of a home or office. The dining room is the most common location to find a chandelier. But in today’s homes and offices, you might also encounter a chandelier hanging in the foyer, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, study, entertainment room, or conference room.

If you have a chandelier then chances are, you didn’t hang the chandelier yourself; your chandelier is likely suspended from the ceiling and you may not even know in what manner it is actually suspended. But, even it being so high up, the chandelier does get dirty; it is just difficult to see the dust up close.

All chandeliers get dirty over time and require cleaning. But unlike your glass bathroom mirror, cleaning and restoring a glass chandelier is a bit more involved. And, if the chandelier has years of dust, dirt and grime caked upon it, the cleaning required can be even more intense. Add to that the ceiling height and you have a potentially complex situation.

The higher the ceiling, the less likely you may be to reach the chandelier to clean it thoroughly. And if it is very dirty from years of neglect and also made of an intricate design, you may not be able to effectively clean it yourself. A professional crystal chandelier repair and restoration expert may be just what you need to ensure the luster of your beautiful chandelier is fully restored.

The expert will:

  • Carefully take the chandelier apart to restore its beauty inside and out
  • Hand clean each piece of the chandelier, piece by piece, top to bottom
  • Thoroughly clean each crystal and every component of the chandelier
  • Check each electrical connection to ensure there are no shorts
  • Metal elements will be cleaned with a special cleaner or polish made for that specific metal
  • Never use a dishwasher to wash any components of your chandelier to avoid breaking from the hot water cycle.

Regardless of how high your ceiling is – a simple 8-foot ceiling, a 30-foot cathedral ceiling or a 45-foot multistory room – a crystal chandelier repair and restoration professional can get your chandelier sparkling again.

But what happens if your crystal chandelier or Murano glass chandelier needs repair due to an accident?

It could be that you tried to clean the chandelier yourself and somehow damaged it; or, an errant bump with a ladder has broken a few pieces off; or, an object thrown accidentally damages the chandelier. Any of these situations calls for a crystal or antique glass chandelier repair professional.

The intricacy of a chandelier - an antique or Murano piece - demands a true professional to repair it.

Many times, electrical strands are too aged to be cleaned and just need to be replaced. Or, some of the crystal or glass elements are missing and new elements need to be created to replace them. The repair professional must match the original piece closely to ensure a flawless appearance. Not just the shape of the glass element, but the color, clarity and reflective qualities as well.

An experienced crystal or antique glass chandelier repair professional will employ a variety of techniques perfected over their many years of training to return your chandelier to its former glory.

You know how much you enjoy the sparkling beauty of your chandelier. When it needs to be restored or repaired, be sure you call upon a proven professional with the experience necessary to get the job done right the first time!

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