Can That Beautiful Chandelier Really Be Restored?
An Experienced Crystal Chandelier Repair Expert Can Help

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Perhaps you have an older home and are fortunate enough to have crystal chandeliers and vintage chandeliers throughout. You already know that chandeliers add beauty to virtually any room; but, chandeliers can become quite unattractive if they are not handled properly or maintained well.

Back in the 1930’s and 40’s decorators and builders hung chandeliers just about everywhere. Some were flush-mount ceiling-level types; others were beautifully suspended over a certain floor-area to create a dramatic effect. The stunning light, bold metal base and hanging crystal elements drew the eyes upward and created a focal point for any room. Beyond the dining room, chandeliers were also often installed in kitchens, bedrooms, entryways, hallways and dens. They truly were the decorator’s choice for beautifully bright lighting.

But after 80 plus years of nearly uninterrupted suspension, these chandeliers may have lost some of their original beauty and luster. Being suspended in the same place for over 80 years does allow dust and dirt to collect within the chandelier, causing the light to look dim and the luster of the chandelier to be dulled. Their color may have become dingy, the light weaker than you would like, the innate shimmer long gone. Maybe even some of the individual chandelier elements became broken because you were diligent enough to try and clean off all the years of dust and dirt and had some accidental breakage as a result of your good intentions.

Before you decide to rip that chandelier down and toss it in the garbage can, consider a crystal chandelier repair expert.

The fact is, with professional antique glass chandelier repair, that aged and worn chandelier could look like new again – much like it did when it was first hung back in the 1930’s or even earlier. A glass restoration professional truly can bring back the original beauty of your chandelier, not to mention undergoing a complete restoration would greatly increase the value of your antique chandelier.

Restoring a chandelier requires careful and thorough cleaning throughout, as well as replacing any broken or missing crystals. Polishing or replacing the chandelier’s brass elements, checking and upgrading wiring and checking the chandelier mounts are all part of the chandelier restoration process.

Your crystal chandelier repair professional will carefully inspect all the glass elements of the chandelier before starting any work, to identify broken and missing pieces that need to be removed; and to identify those that need cleaning. After the initial inspection by the restoration expert, you should expect a professional response and good communication skills with any good antique glass chandelier repair professional.

A professional non-commercial glass cleaning solution will restore the natural shine to dirty and dingy crystal elements. Those that have been identified as broken or missing will be replaced with newly crafted elements. The antique glass chandelier repair professional will carefully craft all-new crystal pieces to closely match the original pieces – and then reattach them where needed. The process is tedious, no doubt; but, is one that elicits incomparable beauty.

Before you tear down that worn, dull or tattered crystal chandelier, let a true antique glass chandelier repair artisan restore it to its original grandeur.

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