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Do you love to collect antique glass or crystal glass sculpture? Unfortunately, the very aspect of glass that makes it beautiful also makes it somewhat fragile. Regardless of what type of glass art you own, there will be a time when you need repair and restoration of art glass.  So, eventually you may find yourself looking for a glass sculpture repair specialist to fix a damaged piece in your art glass collection.  

There can be many kinds of glass sculpture problems. Some pieces, such as crystal, can become cloudy with age. Sometimes, crystal or cut glass becomes damaged with use, such as a chip or nick on the edge of the piece. At, we help clients return their art glass to as close to a full restoration as possible.

Michael Bokrosh, owner and artist at, routinely performs repair and restoration to art glass. As a skilled glass artist, Michael uses a variety of techniques to repair glass pieces, including subtle grinding and polishing of the art glass, reshaping  the piece to remove any damage or applying high tech conservation epoxies to reattach and provide full glass sculpture repair and restoration.

Depending on the type of damaged glass, Michael can occasionally recreate pieces or re-sculpt to your sculptures specifications. As an artist, Michael is especially concerned with honoring the original artistic vision of the Art Glass. Bokrosh can perform subtle glass sculpture repairs that are invisible to the naked eye. In some cases, his repairs would even fool the original artist and be considered full glass restoration.

Whether you need subtle repair and restoration of art glass, need glass sculpture repair, or need a favorite piece of crystal ground and polished, we can help at

Our repairs return your cherished glass art piece to either original condition or to a creative compromise so you can once again appreciate the beauty of the piece and proudly display it as part of your art glass sculpture collection.

Michael also produces remarkable original optical glass sculpture. His pieces are highly coveted and displayed in some of the finest glass sculpture galleries throughout the United States as well as many corporate collections. To see more examples of his personal sculptural work, simply go to:

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