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Tiffany or Steuben glass repairGlass art sculptures are some of the most popular collectables; from unexpected yard sale finds to the accessibility of offerings on eBay, these items are more in demand than ever. From noted studios like Tiffany, Steuben and Lalique, to original Contemporary Glass Sculpture from individual artists, glass art sculpture is a unique medium that blends color, light, and a truly unique aesthetic elegance. These collectable pieces can be investments for their value or rarity, or a sentimental inheritance that helps make a home complete. However, despite the popularity of glass art collecting, the fragility of these works and sculptures ensures that they are particularly vulnerable to damage.

If you have a favorite glass work that has been chipped, damaged, or even broken, professional glass restoration may be able to transform your damaged item into the good-as-new work of art that it once was.

How effective is glass restoration?

The results absolutely depend on the original piece and the level of damage, but a professional glass restoration expert may be able to repair the piece in such a way that the damage becomes imperceptible. A good glass repair professional has training, years of experience, and the quality of careful discernment when undertaking a glass art restoration project. For example, when approaching a Tiffany glass repair, the restorer would not use the same strategy or techniques as that of Waterford crystal or a Lalique glass repair. These popular brands employ different materials and techniques in their craftsmanship, and an expert restorer will understand how these different projects need custom-tailored plans for the most successful repair outcomes. Overall, if you want to restore your glass collectable after unexpected damage, a highly-skilled glass restoration expert can help restore the piece and help you revive your investment or precious inheritance.

With over four decades of experience in glass restoration, repair, and the creation of glass art, Michael Bokrosh of Bokrosh Studios has been serving artists and collectors by providing his top-quality glass restoration services.

His portfolio includes repair work on glass items from some of the most popular producers of glass art and glass sculptures. As a glass artisan, he strives to ensure that his work is always targeted at respecting the integrity of the original piece, and that his repairs are as seamless as possible. When you are looking for a true glass artisan to restore your glass art in San Francisco, Los Angeles or New York City, Bokrosh Studio has been restoring glass art since 1985. With our 41 years of glass experience, you can be assured your piece is in the best of hands. Contact our Tiffany glass restoration professionals by calling 206-941-7976.

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