The Techniques Used for Creating
Glass Art Sculpture

Glass Art Sculpture
Tristram and Isolde

Glass art sculpture dates back hundreds, if not thousands of years. Pieces dating back to the ancient Egyptian civilization have been found, still intact. Modern day glass art uses many of the same techniques as these ancient glass artisans. Of course, they’ve also added new techniques and skills to make beautiful glass artwork.

Unfortunately, the dual nature of glass: – both its beauty and fragility – make it vulnerable to breakage. If you own or collect glass art sculpture you may find yourself in need of glass restoration or repair. Much of the glass art repair uses the same techniques that were used in the creation of these amazing glass art pieces.

Some of the techniques include:

Glass blowing – Using a combination of sand and soda lime, along with coloring agents, to produce a raw material, which will be melted together to from molten glass. This glass is “gathered” from the furnace onto a blowpipe, – glassblowers use air blown into the pipe combined with movements of the glass, and special tools, to quickly shape the molten glass before it cools.  Once properly shaped, the art glass sculpture is placed in an annealing oven to slowly cool down the glass until it is stable. If it cools too quickly, the glass art may break or crack. Sometimes cracks in existing glass sculptures can be the result of improper annealing time or incompatibility between the colors within the glass sculpture.

Glass Hot Sculpting
Heart Series

Hot Sculpting – This technique is used when a solid metal rod gathers the molten glass from the furnace and it is shaped with the use of special tools. While the process is similar to blown glass, no actual blowing takes place in the sculpture. The hot sculpting process tends to make much larger solid pieces of glass art; masters of this form are many both in Europe and in the United States.

Cold Working – This method of glass work involves working with glass while it’s in its cold or annealed state.

Glass Cold Sculpture

The artist will use a variety of techniques, including sandblasting, cutting, grinding, polishing and engraving to create a unique piece of art. Cold working also includes the application of special glues to adhere glass pieces together. These techniques are especially important for glass art repair and restoration. Micheael Bokrosh is a master coldworker and has been doing it for over 37 years.

The best person to perform glass restoration is an individual that is trained in a variety of glass techniques. Michael Bokrosh of, is a skilled artisan that has worked and trained in glass creation and glass art repair for many years. He’s trained in some of the best schools in Europe and the United States. Michael also produces highly coveted and sought after original glass art sculptures made with optical crystal glass. These glass sculptures are featured in glass galleries throughout the United States. To see examples of Michael’s work, go to:

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