Michael Bokrosh: Four Decades as a Glass Sculpture Artist

Glass Sculpture Artist

In today’s world of mass manufacturing and questionable quality, finding the type of craftsmanship that comes from intensive training and extensive art experience is rare.  After four decades as a glass artist, Michael Bokrosh of Bokrosh Studio continues to create beautiful, timeless art glass sculpture that is prized by collectors and clients around the world. Whether he is developing a piece from personal inspiration, or crafting commissioned pieces for recognized brands like the Seattle Mariners and Boeing, Michael Bokrosh continues to prove that expert, individualized craftsmanship shines through in each piece he makes out of his preferred medium: optical glass art.

What Type of Glass Work has Michael Bokrosh Done?

From his beginnings with beveled glass in the 1970’s and then to blown glass crystal and ultimately optical art glass, Michael has developed an impressively comprehensive art glass portfolio. He has been commissioned by both serious collectors and national organizations to create unique and inspiring optical glass art pieces. His works have appeared across the country in noted art galleries and he has headlined multiple solo exhibitions. His work in glass art sculpture has been featured in industry publications, and he is dually talented in both hot and cold art glass methodologies.  Michael’s expansive career as a glass sculpture artist demonstrates what can come from the rare synthesis of training, passion, innovation and a driving need for pushing the limits of creative expression. Michael can push the limits of creativity with each piece because he does not mass produce his glass art. Instead he is able to concentrate on each optical glass blank he chooses, bringing out the unique personality laying within each art glass sculpture, experimenting with state of the art processes to push the limits of his artistic abilities in his chosen medium.

If you are interested in learning more about the amazing high end glass sculpture work being done at Bokrosh Studio, Michael invites you to explore the available photo galleries of his work, including that of his art glass restoration and repair projects.

Interested in a particular piece or a custom commissioned work of art? Contact Bokrosh Studios today and let Michael share the dimensional beauty and dynamic elegance of his exquisite optical glass art sculptures. His custom commissioned prices begin at $10,000 and go up to whatever may inspire your fancy. Michael’s largest sculpture to date is a single piece of intricately faceted transparent gold optical glass weighing over 1200lbs and with a price of $250,000 titled: “Mergingold”.  You can view a video of Mergingold at here.

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