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Caring For Your Broken Glass With An Experienced Glass Conservation And Repair Specialist

Do you have a glass piece that has been cracked or damaged? After a prized glass sculpture or other glass piece becomes damaged, you might think you have to get rid of the piece or simply deal with the unsightly area forever. This can be a very difficult decision to make. But don’t panic. All is not lost!

Venetian Glass Conservation and Repair

Fortunately, you don’t have to trash that once-loved glass piece! In fact, with the help of a skilled glass conservation and repair expert, you may be able to repair the crack so the piece looks as good as new. Since restoring your treasured glass sculpture is really want you want, knowing there is someone skilled out there that can help can be a big relief!

When it comes to repairing a glass sculpture or other glass art piece that has been damaged, there are two primary options available. These include:

  • Cutting/removing the glass in order to eliminate the damage completely
  • Sealing any possible cracks

While cutting the glass will get rid of the crack and restore its structural integrity, this method will obviously change the size of the piece. If you are repairing a bowl or a glass, for example, the piece will be shortened by the process. However a size change is not always a critical factor; but, for some glass pieces, it can be, so care should be taken in selecting the right approach for your needs and your specific glass piece.

If you do not want the size of the piece to be changed in any way, you need to hire a glass conservation and repair professional who can seal the crack. A professional will be able to seal the crack as well as to also prevent it from running. A good glass conservatory will be able to stabilize the crack and help hold the piece permanently together. Furthermore, a skilled artisan can generally seal the crack in such a way that it can no longer be seen.

Whether looking for someone to perform Venetian glass repair, Murano glass repair, or any other form of glass repair, it is important to find someone who has experience working with that particular type of glass. The more experience the artisan has in working with Murano glass, the more likely he or she is to create a flawless and unnoticeable repair. And crafting a clean repair is just what you need to return your glass sculpture to the luster you once enjoyed.

If you are looking for an artisan who specializes in Venetian glass repair or Murano glass repair, you don’t have to look any further than Bokrosh Studio. The artisans at Bokrosh Studio have been creating original glass sculptures and making repairs since 1985.

Given our years of experience, you can take great comfort in knowing your glass piece is in good hands. Contact our glass repair professionals by calling 206-941-7976 to learn more about our glass repair service.

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