Glass Conservation Art

Some of the most beautiful works of art are made out of glass.  Glass sculpture, be it solid or blown glass, are often the pride of their owners. Many of these owners have invested hundreds if not thousands of dollars in their glass sculpture collection.  But what happens when one of your pieces of glass art gets damaged?  Your expensive and cherished glass is not lost!  Let the art glass restoration experts at help. 

For more than 38 years Bokrosh studio has been practicing glass conservation and has saved millions of dollars worth of glass art from some of the world’s most renowned glass artists.  Some of our clients have even found damaged pieces at flea markets or garage sales and thanks to glass conservation techniques the art is restored to its original glory.   Often, the glass conservation art repairs are completely imperceptible to the naked eye, preserving the value and prestige of the piece.

Glass conservation is a highly sought after skill.  It takes patience and experience to manipulate each piece and ensure that it is just as beautiful as the day you bought it.  At Bokrosh studio, you are not leaving your cherished art in the hands of amateurs.  Not only do we work for art glass restoration, Bokrosh Studio produces some of the finest pieces of original glass art anywhere.  Glass is our passion!  A quick view of our website will show you some of our beautiful glass art work.

Don’t throw out your glass sculpture, vases, glass heirlooms or other glass art work just because it has been damaged.  It may very well still have plenty of life left in it through glass conservation.  If you have a beautiful piece of art glass in need of restoration, call the experts at Bokrosh Studios at 206-941-7976 and let us take care of your glass conservation needs.  Our friendly artists can provide you with a realistic estimate of what can be done to save your glass art sculpture.

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