Enjoying the Beauty of Glass Sculpture

Glass art is one of the most thoughtful and creative items you can give to an individual as a gift or invest in as an art form for yourself. There are so many amazing styles of glass art – glass sculpture, crystal vases, figurines, jewelry and much more.  There are as many styles of glass art as there are personal tastes. But because of the fragility of the glass, it’s a good idea to keep in mind where you can find glass repair and restoration.

Glass has held a special place in collecting and society for thousands of years. Perhaps one of the reasons glass sculpture is so popular to collect is due both to the beauty and versatility that is glass. Today, collecting glass sculpture is still incredibly popular. In fact, over the last 30 years, there’s been an enormous demand for some of the most popular glass sculpture artists – such as William Morris, Bertil Vallien and Dale Chihuly.

Glass collectors generally focus on a special technique for glass sculpture. Some of the more common techniques are:

Cold Working – This method of glass work involves working with glass while it’s in its cold or “frozen” state. The artist will use a variety of techniques, including sandblasting, cutting, grinding, polishing and engraving to create a unique piece of art. Cold working also includes the application of special clues to adhere glass pieces together. These techniques are especially important for glass art repair.

Fused Glass – Two or more pieces of glass are heated in a kiln to a high range of temperatures until they form a single piece of glass. Fused glass is very popular in architectural designs both in corporations and in private homes. Architecture glass often is easily damaged and can be an excellent candidate for glass repair or restoration.

Blown Glass – This technique uses molten glass, various metal pipes and hand tools to form glass sculptures. Once a piece of molten glass is gathered, the artist blows air into the piece through a hollow pipe and shapes the piece using highly trained motions and tools.  Glass restoration or repair often involves re-sculpting the surface of the original piece or gradually grinding the piece to remove all of the damage and then re-polishing the final glass sculpture to its original beauty.

Glass Casting – This technique involves heating molten glass until it freely flows and then pouring the hot glass into a mold. Art glass that is cast can be very thick and must be annealed longer. However often  over time the thicker the glass is the more problems there can be with the glass sculpture exhibiting cracks from poor annealing at the time of casting. Damaged Cast Glass sculpture can be an excellent candidate for glass restoration.

All of these methods, and more, produce unique and beautiful glass art sculptures. At www.bokrosh.com, we create original glass sculpture and provide glass repair or restoration. Michael Bokrosh is a skilled glass artist with over 50 years of training has had hundreds of glass commissions. He uses his skills from the world’s best glass schools to create and repair collector’s favorite glass sculpture.

For more information about our glass repair or original glass sculpture, go to: www.bokrosh.com.

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