The Restoration Of Your Damaged Glass Is Just A Phone Call Away

It Is Not Magic When Your Prized Art Glass Sculpture Is Fully Restored!

Broken Art GlassWhen it comes to glass restoration, there really is no magic involved – it comes from years of supervised training and lots of practical experience to develop solid glass restoration skills. A craftsman who is adept at repairing and restoring glass art and glass sculpture has practiced his trade for decades; and, in fact, it is only through all of these many years of experience that he will then become true glass artisan.

As an artisan, a glass restoration professional knows the natural beauty of glass. He also knows the very best way to evaluate and then restore a piece of glass art, assuming such a repair is possible. The fact is, there are some glass art repair jobs that will not be undertaken, as the repair cannot be completed in such a way that it would reflect positively on the owner and the artisan. A true glass restoration expert will be able to communicate to their clients the vast difference between a glass repair and that of a full restoration of your glass sculpture.

The types of repairs and restoration that a glass restoration expert sees vary widely. Some repairs commonly seen include:

  • Chips in the rims of crystal vases, bowls and at the bottom of heavy glass sculptures
  • Scratched vases or glass sculptures
  • Repairing glass on Tiffany style lamp shades
  • Restoration of a myriad of contemporary glass art sculpture.
  • Repair and restoration of crystal chandeliers, ceiling lights and glass wall sconces
  • Repair and restoration of glass trophies, busts, statues and solid glass art sculptures

The list is nearly limitless! If you can imagine a piece of glass art, it has likely been created, and at some time and place, it also has become broken and in need of repair.

One of the most common forms of restoring glass art is repairing broken pieces from a sculpture. It could be an element from a glass art piece or large chips from the bottom of a heavy glass sculpture. When these pieces become broken or separated, it takes a true glass artisan to repair them properly. You see, no amount of super adhesive will provide the kind of clean, seamless repair that a glass artisan can offer. In fact any adhesive that you apply at home will not only be extremely unattractive, it must also be removed prior to the beginning of restoration work on your piece, and will only add to the cost of your glass sculpture restoration.

Another common form of restoring glass sculpture is through the careful cutting and polishing out of chips and cracks in your precious glass objects. Through the use of diamond grinding discs and decades of glass restoration experience, it is often possible to completely remove cracks and chips in glass sculpture, so successfully that even the original artist would not know that the piece was ever damaged.

It is a given that you value your glass art and glass sculpture immensely and you try to protect it as closely as you can. Nevertheless, you just never know when trouble will strike and it accidently becomes damaged. If and when that happens, know that a glass restoration professional is just a phone call away – and can help restore your prized glass art to its former glory!

Glass art and glass sculpture can be repaired; you need a trusted glass restoration expert. If you are looking for a true glass artisan to restore your glass art in San Francisco, Los Angeles or New York City, Bokrosh Studio has been restoring glass art since 1985. With our 40 years of glass experience, you can be assured your piece is in the best of hands. Contact our restoration professionals by calling 206-941-7976.

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