Glass Restoration

A nicked, scratched, chipped or broken piece of fine glass art doesn't have to mean a disappointing end to your appreciation of your glass art sculpture.

We here at Bokrosh Studio have elevated Glass Restoration to an art form of its own. We put the same care and precision into Glass Restoration that we do into creating our own works of art, and we keep in close contact with the collector to make sure the results meet their expectations.

Glass Restoration is an artistic endeavor for us, and requires a seamless blend of the original piece within the restoration process. The superficial covering up of the original damage will only draw more attention to it; fine Glass Restoration calls for incorporating the damage into the original work of art with a thoughtfulness that is based in our copious experience. The principal intention of any restoration project at Bokrosh Studio is the aesthetic resolution of your damaged glass art by eliminating the damage instead of hiding it.

The artists at Bokrosh Studio have had over 34 years of experience as glass art creators and restorers, and as such, you will receive very reliable glass restoration service from Bokrosh Studio.

At Bokrosh Studio, unlike most other restoration companies, we specialize only in Glass Restoration.

Bokrosh Studio always recommends that the collector contact the original artist, if possible, prior to glass restoration.

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