Decades of Experience Makes Bokrosh Studio a Trusted Source of Both Original Glass Work and Glass Restoration

Broken Art Glass. Steuben glass repairWhen we think of glass as an artistic medium, we may think of famous collectables and antique pieces. However, glass artistry is an all-encompassing field that includes applications for the practical, as well as those for purely aesthetic appreciation. For example, a glass sculpture can serve as a statement piece for a discerning collector, or can stand as an iconic trophy or recognition piece for an organization. With over 42 years of experience as a glass artist, Michael Bokrosh has produced an incredibly diverse portfolio of glass sculpture pieces that reach across all genres. Bokrosh, the founder of Bokrosh Studio, carries with him an impressive history of both professional training and international clients, and his commitment to mastering his craft has made him a go-to resource for glass artistry and restoration in both the Pacific Northwest and around the world.

What Experience Does Bokrosh Studio Have?

Michael Bokrosh was steered toward the field of art glass sculpture at a very early age. Coming from a familial tradition of glass artistry, Bokrosh began to study his craft in his teens, and eventually travelled the world to learn from expert artisans. He made sure that his education and training included the diverse materials and techniques that make up the complex arena of glass artistry, so that he could eventually work toward his goal of being a master glass artist. Bokrosh has since garnered attention from both collectors and corporations for his impressive glass work, and he continues to push the boundaries through creativity, experimentation, and an appreciation for combining classic and modern techniques.

What Type of Services Does Bokrosh Studio Provide?

When it comes to all things glass, Bokrosh Studio offers a diverse array of services. Michael continuously crafts unique artwork that will inspire even the most discerning art collector. He also works with a large number of businesses and corporations to create custom pieces that meet their unique needs. Bokrosh Studio also offers expert glass restoration and glass repair services so that his clients can preserve those special heirlooms for generations to come.

Whether you are looking for an original piece of Optical glass sculpture, a custom piece for your company in New York City, Los Angeles or Chicago, Bokrosh Studio has been completing top-quality glass repair since 1985. With over 42 years of experience in the glass sculpture and the glass repair industry, you can be sure your beloved glass sculpture is in good hands. Contact our glass repair and restoration professionals by calling 206-941-7976.

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