Glass Sculpture Repair

Whether a piece of glass sculpture is an antique or a contemporary work of art, even the smallest scratch is noticeable, and will not only detract from its value but also diminish the sculptures inherent beauty. That's why Bokrosh Studio offers a Glass Sculpture Repair service in addition to creating our own works of glass art. Since the artists at Bokrosh Studio are masters at glass shaping, carving, grinding and polishing, they are also experts at Glass Sculpture Repair. In addition, the sculptors at Bokrosh Studio stay in close contact with the owner of the glass art piece to ensure that the results of the Glass Sculpture Repair meet the expectations of the collector.

The same care and effort put into the creating of a new glass sculpture, all the way from conception to completion, is also put into the time consuming restoration inherent in the Glass Sculpture Repair process. Glass Sculpture Repair at Bokrosh Studio is an art form and we take it as seriously as we do creating our own works of optical glass art.

Bokrosh Studio always recommends that the collector contact the original artist, if possible, prior to glass sculpture repair.

Sculpture Broken Sculpture Repaired

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