How Does Art Glass Conservation Differ
From Other Forms Of Glass Repair?

Glass conservation involves restoring as well as preventing future damage to your glass art sculpture. Instead of waiting until a crack or chip in a glass sculpture becomes a bigger issue, glass conservation focuses on preserving and preventing damage to your art glass sculpture. Unlike other forms of glass repair, glass conservation starts when the owner notices the first stages of damage.

Glass conservation provides you with a unique service by allowing the art studio to protect the art piece to prevent damage. This conservation process is actually two fold because it deals with preventative care and preservative care. With glass conservation, the delicate art piece is inspected regularly and any needed repairs or prevention steps are conducted with the approval of the glass collector.

Preventative care of your glass sculpture involves routine inspection and maintenance to ensure it lasts for generations. Regular inspections help the conservationist spot and prevent any issues found on the glass sculpture before they develop into more serious damage. Other preventative measures may be taken, but they vary depending on the art studio doing the glass conservation. Ask your representative about the different types of preventative care measures they may offer.

Other preventative glass conservation procedures could include making sure the art piece is in a controlled atmospheric climate. Educating the owner about ways to prevent damage and various ways to handle glass art is another preventative measure. Glass conservation will also take care of documentation for insurance and asset management. Together with your glass conservation expert you can develop a disaster arrangement that deals with variables such as theft, fire, tornado, hurricane, flooding, and more. It is important to voice your concerns with the individual responsible for your glass sculpture conservation to make sure that they have your best interests at heart.

Glass conservation also involves preservative care of your glass sculpture. The conservationist not only works to prevent damage, but he or she restores the sculpture back to its original form if they notice any issues such as chips or cracks in the glass sculpture. The true glass conservationist often studies and conducts research on glass art sculpture to get a better understanding of what materials and techniques the original artist used to create the piece. This knowledge base will help the conservationist create a procedure to help prevent and treat damage before it can occur in the future, therefore proper glass conservation will keep the glass art available for future generations. The individual responsible for glass conservation should communicate in detail with the owner of the glass sculpture to make sure the conservator understands the emotional connection the sculpture has to the individual.

You need a highly experienced glass sculpture studio such as with artists who understand and respect art. Michael Bokrosh will close to 4 decades of knowledge and expertise to prevent and stop further damage from occurring in the future. Glass conservation can keep your glass sculpture in its original form for generations to come.

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