Lalique Glass Repair and Super Glue Don't Mix

Lalique Glass Repair

Your favorite Lalique glass art sculpture just broke and you are beside yourself with the damage to your favorite heirloom. Now you need to figure out how in the world you are going to have it repaired. So, you turn to Google and type in Lalique Glass Repair and there are a many sites that advise you to use super glue or even a “special” epoxy made just for glass. While most people could not imagine using super glue, those “glass epoxies” may be tempting. Do not be fooled by salesmen or crazy infomercials that claim a glass piece can be restored simply by using their product. These epoxies will yellow and fail within a year and they can be extremely difficult to remove. What is certain is that you will be unhappy with the end result and you may even further damage your vase in the process.

Time to take off the glue.

You may decide that there isn’t much risk in gluing it, and take a shot at it since epoxy can be pretty inexpensive. After all the guys on television make it look easy. Now, you are left with a mess and a Lalique glass repair that looks nothing like the ones on T.V. Not to mention, you may have a hand or other fragile piece that fell off as you tried to glue it and now you need a way to have it reconstructed.

Unfortunately, you may not be able to find a dissolving agent to take the glue off and using tools may damage the glass art sculpture even more. The process of removing the glue will likely include rubbing and scraping which will inevitably scratch the glass! At this point (and well before!), it is recommended that you contact a Lalique glass restoration specialist.

A glass sculpture repair professional often can restore the damaged glass art to its original state, leaving it in such a condition that no one would ever know it was damaged. Even if part of the sculpture is missing or destroyed, your glass art may still be restored by duplicating a new piece such as a leg, arm, nose, etc.

With 41 years of Lalique Glass Restoration experience, at Bokrosh Glass Restoration & Glass Sculpture Studio, we will make your Lalique glass repair flawless.  Contact us today for all of your glass art sculpture needs. Bokrosh Studio doesn’t just offer glass repair, we also have been creating our own collectable optical glass sculptures for over 30 years.

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