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As a leading expert in Tiffany glass repair, Bokrosh Studio continues to rescue family heirlooms from loss.

For years, this top rated glass restoration studio has provided people across the nation with glass restoration services, and as a result, many pieces that would have been lost have been recovered after years of being hidden in closets and under beds. From glass sculpture repair to original commissions, Bokrosh Studio continues to transform damaged art into like-new condition. If you have a piece that you would like restored, here are some of the frequently asked questions about the process:

  • Can you really save a broken piece? The nature of glass as a medium means that every project is unique and should have multiple repair/restoration options. That is why the studio encourages people to reach out for a consultation. Studio founder Michael Bokrosh assesses each project and provides a detailed explanation of what his clients can expect from the finished process once he can see the piece in person.

  • Will I be able to see the damage/repair? Most repairs may or may not be seamless. With decades of training and experience, Michael Bokrosh has the knowledge and techniques to finesse a piece back to perfect condition. However, every project has its own challenges, which he communicates actively with his clients about the process and approach.

  • I don’t live near Seattle. Can I ship my piece to the studio? Yes, however, contact the studio first, as they will instruct you how to use UPS shipping stores to best pack your piece for safe travels.
  • How much does glass restoration cost? Price ranges are quoted for each individual project. Often, projects have many options available for repair/restoration, so clients need the individualized consultation to know what to expect.

  • What makes Bokrosh Studio different/better? The level of experience and customer service, as well as an intuitive sense of glass as a medium. The customer recommendations and testimonials alone showcase why this studio has a national reputation for excellence.

  • Bokrosh Studio has extensive experience with Tiffany glass repair—and over 46 years of antique glass repair knowledge in general—you can be assured that your glass sculpture will be in safe hands at Bokrosh Studios in Seattle. Are you looking for professional Tiffany repair specialist whether in New York, San Francisco, Florida or Los Angeles? Do not be afraid of moving your large or delicate sculpture as Bokrosh Studio has been performing glass sculpture repair and creating large original glass sculptures since 1985. Please Contact our repair and restoration professionals by calling (206) 860-9748 today. Either way, you will have peace of mind knowing that we are restoring your Tiffany artwork to its original quality.





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