Libenský-Brychtová Glass Sculptures; original or repaired….Greatness Has No Peers. It Rises Above Them.

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If one were to take a journey back during the formation of our planet, that individual might have witnessed the formation of rock. Like almost all rocks found on the planet, it contained a mineral called quartz, which is comprised primarily of a compound known as silica (silicon dioxide).

Almost every creature that ever lived on Earth has touched silica or sand. But it would be human beings who would unlock the magic contained within each tiny grain. With credit to the Corning Museum of Glass, "People first made glass before 2000 B.C. in Mesopotamia (now Iraq and northern Syria) and created small objects by casting the glass in molds or shaping it with simple tools. In the 3,500 years since, humans have crafted glass into a myriad of amazing beautiful art and functional objects." Today, contemporary glass has evolved through ground breaking explorative techniques that would have been incomprehensible to glass artists even 50 years ago; from the creation of intricately designed vessels to beautiful glass sculptural works.

Throughout the millennia of glass art, Stanislav Libenský, along with his wife & artistic partner, Jaroslava Brychtová, have redefined the use of glass as a medium into something altogether more transcendent and monumental. The couple became known among their peers due to the way their designs manipulated the surfaces, planar intersections, and purposeful presence of voids they formed within glass. This allowed their creations to control the way light was captured, changed, and emitted by the observer. Of early prominence, "Zoomorphic Stone", first shown to the world in Brussels at EXPO ‘58, began a long and storied history of success and accolades for the couple that garnered them the international attention they rightly deserved by the 1980’s.

Discerning aficionados the world over have sought out Libenský-Brychtová glass sculptures for sale so they can add an example of their pioneering brilliance to their own personal collections. When researching fine art, such as that created by Libenský-Brychtová, it is important to remember that although every effort is made to keep the piece in perfect condition during packaging and transport, manipulation of any kind can lead to damage, especially in the fragile margins of each glass sculptures edge. Thankfully, Michael R Bokrosh III, a renowned artist in his own right, founded Bokrosh Studio in Seattle. Michael has over 43 years of experience in the repair and complete restoration of glass fine art. He specializes in the restoration of extremely rare and valuable pieces, ensuring seamless blends, rather than obtrusive cover-ups, that would otherwise ruin the appearance and destroy the value of the artwork. Given the sensitive nature associated with being tasked to conduct a Libenský glass sculpture repair, Michael ensures all his clients that professionalism, communication, and confidentiality remain paramount throughout the process. In turn, this promotes & maintains a high level of trust between the client and Michael. Libensky glass restoration makes sense because production has ended and there are only a very small number or these remarkable glass sculptures currently available for collection.

See for yourself why Bokrosh Studio has been entrusted by collectors with the repair and restoration of irreplaceable glass artworks, valued in the millions of dollars overall, from some of the greatest contemporary glass artists the world has ever seen, such as William Morris, Bertil Valien, Dale Chihuly glass repair, and Libenský and Brychtová. If you already have a Libenský and Brychtová sculpture in your glass collection or if you are planning on purchasing one then you certainly know that greatness has no peers. It rises above them.

Are you looking for a glass restoration expert in New York City, Los Angeles or in Florida? Bokrosh Studio has been completing top-quality glass repair since 1985. With over 43 years of experience in the glass sculpture and the glass repair industry, you can be sure your beloved glass sculpture is in good hands. Contact our glass repair and restoration professionals by calling 206-941-7976 or by completing our online contact form.

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