Techniques Used to Repair Libensky Glass Sculptures

While there are DIY ways to repair your art glass sculptures at home, it’s definitely not recommended when you have invested significant money in a beautiful Czech glass art sculpture. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, you can end up making the problem worse than it originally was. So who should you turn to when you need Libensky glass repair?

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Your best bet with Libensky Brychtova glass repair is to find someone who already has restored many Libensky Glass art sculptures. Finding an artist who specializes in glass restoration but also creates his or her own cold worked solid glass sculpture ensures that you’ve found someone that knows what they’re doing. As long as you find someone who is familiar with all aspects of the art form, you can usually trust that they’ll be able to identify the best way to solve the problem. Bokrosh Studio is your Libensky glass sculpture expert.

But handing a Libensky or a priceless piece of art off to a restoration expert can sometimes be rough. Read on to find out a little more about how an industry professional will fix your Libensky Brychtova glass sculptures.

One option is to grind and polish the damaged section, softening any edges that have been made irregular by the damage. This can make the piece more seamless—as it probably was originally—by remediating away the damage in the restoration process. Another method is reshaping the piece to get it back to its original shape. Artists who specialize in art glass restoration can even use a high tech epoxy to attach pieces that may have broken off, taking the Libensky glass repair to an even higher level.

If you have a piece of Libensky Brychtova glass art that you need fixed, consider Bokrosh studio professionals who have over 44 years of experience in the glass restoration industry.

Your work will be in trusted hands with those who know their skill inside and out. Do you have a glass art sculpture in need of repair? Are you looking for professional Libensky glass repair in New York, San Francisco, Florida or Los Angeles? Bokrosh Studio has been performing glass art repair and creating original glass sculptures since 1985. With our 44 years of glass sculpture restoration experience, you can be sure your precious glass object is in capable hands. Contact our repair and restoration professionals by calling today




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