Your Murano Chandelier Is Damaged? Not To Worry.

The Right Murano Chandelier Restoration Expert
Can Help Restore Its Beauty

Murano Chandelier

You don’t have to live in an Italian villa to enjoy the splendor of a Murano chandelier. In many of today’s homes, true fans of original glass art proudly display the Murano style of glass art sculpture, including the unique style of Venetian chandeliers.

The beauty of a Murano chandelier is unrivaled. In fact, it adds so much more to a room than mere light. But when this beautiful piece of art is broken or otherwise damaged, you need an experienced Murano chandelier repair expert to help restore it to its original splendor.

Don’t fret; with a true Murano craftsman, you can rest assured that your chandelier will once again hang with the beauty it once did.

As with any form of art, when it is broken or damaged, not only does your heart sink, but so does the inherent beauty of the piece. Expert Murano chandelier restoration can be your saving grace. You want a proven glass art professional who has helped many Murano glass aficionados recover their precious pieces.

Murano glass repair and restoration can often take those old antique auction and garage sale pieces you uncover and turn them into the magnificent glass art they once were, increasing their value many times over. Many times, restorations can be performed so well that even the original artist would have a difficult time identifying them.

But when you search the internet, how do you find the right person for the job?

  • Always request and confirm references for the person you are considering. You want to look for client references that have had Murano glass repair expertise and many years of working on Murano chandelier repairs.
  • Examine the web site of the person you are considering. Is it clean and professional looking? A functional, neat web site could be the first indication you have for the person you are considering.
  • Look for before and after photos of Murano glass art restoration and Murano chandelier repair on the person’s web site. Representative works are important to see before hiring anyone.
  • Talk to the artist in person to understand the various processes they use for glass repair and restoration. You’ll want to be sure you feel comfortable with the person, and that they will handle your needs well. They should be attentive listeners and capable of communicating clearly throughout the duration of the project.
  • Discuss past projects undertaken, successes and how they were done. Look for genuine creativeness in both addressing the glass restoration, as well as addressing the client’s needs and desires.
  • Always discuss pricing, warranties and guarantees with the restoration professional before entering into any Murano chandelier restoration project. And, after such a discussion, be sure you get this information in writing as well.

Finding a quality Murano chandelier restoration professional is your key to ensuring a job done well. When considering Murano chandelier repair and restoration, be sure you consider the points above in your review of prospective candidates and hire the one that fits with the needs of your project.

Are you looking for a Murano chandelier restoration expert? Bokrosh Studio has been creating original glass sculptures and completing top-quality glass art repairs since 1985. With over 40 years of experience in the glass sculpture industry, you can be sure your chandelier is in good hands. Contact our Murano chandelier repair and restoration professionals by calling 206-941-7976.

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