Protect Your Collection: Murano Glass Repair

Murano glass is known for its exquisite beauty.  For more than a thousand years it has been made in Murano, Italy (just outside Venice) with techniques that have barely changed even to this day.  During the 14th century, Murano glassmakers were prominent citizens in Venetian society, but in order to preserve the secrets of Murano glassmaking, they were threatened with death if they left the city and took their trade secrets elsewhere.  Today the secret to Murano glass is known worldwide but the very best pieces still come from the Italian city of Murano a small island off of Venice.

One of the things that makes Murano glass unique is that it begins with silica which melts at an extremely high temperature and then has a flux introduced to it which slows the cooling process, making it easier for the artisan to work with it by hand.  Other materials or chemicals can be added to it to create all kinds of amazing effects.  Some pieces are completely clear, while others have layers of color, metallic sheen and brilliant colors that are more akin to precious gems than common glass.  Because of these great variations, Murano glass is made into jewelry, house wares, lighting and chandelier fixtures, sculpture and architectural components.

Millions of individuals have become collectors of this unique style of glass art.  If you are among these, you are no doubt concerned with maintaining your treasures for years—even generations to come.  Of course, in order to preserve the beauty of your collectibles, it is vital that you find an artisan who understands the creation and methods of repair of Murano glass.  Even if your Murano glass art is damaged, you may still be able to restore it and retain its value if the work is done by someone who is an expert at Murano glass repair.

When you’re searching for someone to help with your Murano glass repair project, be sure to ask them for references.  They should also be able to provide a portfolio of their repairs and possibly even their own art work.  When it comes to Murano glass repair, the artisan is more than just a repairman.  He is bringing his own understanding of this medium along with a finely tuned aesthetic to the job. 

Collecting Murano glass involves time, money and dedication.  You want to protect your investment and keep your pieces beautiful for years to come.  Building a relationship with a glass repair expert who specializes in Murano glass repair will make your efforts all the more rewarding.

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