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Glass artwork enriches our lives and represents a tradition of craftsmanship that is truly breathtaking. Through the years, we’ve seen some talented artists who have created iconic works that enrich our culture. Glass artists are true masters of transformation, and their techniques represent a mastery of materials that few can achieve. However, the inherent fragility of glass artwork means that we lose pieces to breakage or damage. At Bokrosh Studio, master glass artist Michael Bokrosh strives to preserve historic glass art through his professional restorations. People turn to his studio for Murano glass restorations and repairs, as well as the works of numerous other renowned glass artists.

Through his many projects, including Bertil Vallien glass repair, Michael Bokrosh has cultivated an impressive restoration portfolio, often repairing works to like-new condition. His customer testimonials highlight just how impressive repairs turn out, even those that suffered from extensive damage or breakage. His decades of training, experience, and his own artwork have given him an intuitive sense of the medium as well as the technical knowledge to execute near seamless glass restorations. His passion for glass art preservation has helped salvage works that would have been otherwise lost to us. From personal mementos to inherited treasures, he is happy to help his clients recover their precious glass art to enjoy for years to come.

If you have a damaged piece of glass artwork, contact Bokrosh Studio for a consultation. Even if you live across the country, Michael can help you safely ship your item for repair as 95% of his clients are out of state. He will go over the process with you, as well as what you can expect from the finished project. Every item and its damage is unique, which is why he takes a personalized approach to each restoration and each project is held confidential as per each clients wishes. Whether you need a William Morris glass repair, a historic glass chandelier restoration, or want to recover a crystal memento, he can help you salvage that special piece so your family can enjoy it for generations.

If you have contemporary William Morris piece or other glass sculpture in need of restoration in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, or New York City, a glass restoration specialist can help. Bokrosh Studio has been restoring glass art - and completing the finest in glass art repairs - since 1985. With our 46 years of glass experience, you can be assured your piece is in the very best of hands. Contact our restoration professionals by calling 206-941-7976.

If you have damaged glass art or fixtures, such as Murano glass, Bertil glass or Steuben glass, Bokrosh Studio can help. When you contact Michael at 206-941-7976, he will give you all of the information you need about the process from start to finish. By taking the time to repair your artwork, you too help forward a tradition of valuing craftsmanship and the way in which it enriches our lives.




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