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Elaborate depictions of desert scenes, flower gardens, and a wide variety of other sculptures are the brainchild of Dale Chihuly. Coming on the scene as a student in 1965, Chihuly went on to become a teacher of glass works with epic proportions. Following that, he went on to the Venini glass factory in Venice where he studied the methodology of a team effort of blowing glass. Later, he founded his own school in Washington State where he perfected the fine art of blown glass sculpture.

Over the years he has exhibited his work in many venues all over the world and is considered a leading expert in producing blown glass and sculptural glass in a variety of colors and settings including a solo exhibition at The Louvre in Paris. Sadly, any glass can suffer damage due to its fragility. Chihuly glass repair is thankfully available to restore the dynamic features of his art form.

Venetian glass repair is equally taxing and it takes a tremendous amount of patience and a fine touch realized by only the top glass restoration companies. Whether you have acquired a new piece of glass that has been subsequently broken or stumbled upon a damaged piece through an inheritance or a garage sale, it is reasonably certain that an expert can repair the glass art efficiently and help to restore your original investment.

Realizing what your glass sculpture is worth is probably the first step in deciding if you want it repaired. If you find it worthwhile, experts equipped with precision tools, a lot of patience, and a steady hand can bring your piece of art back to like-new condition.

Chihuly glass repair, along with many other glass sculptures such as Lalique, Tiffany, Daum and Steuben (among others), can make your investment or sentimental value be worth the cost of the restoration. Keep in mind that glass art sculpture usually is already host to miniscule imperfections when it is created and that adds to the value in the sense of knowing that no two sculptures are exactly alike.

Select your glass repair expert carefully and ensure that they are qualified and experienced to restore your piece with the same spectacular colors and intended design. A true glass restoration expert will be passionate about glass art, have many years in the business, and take extraordinary delight in bringing pieces back to life. For them, this is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle.

Bokrosh Studios boasts over 41 years of experience in repairing and designing glass sculptures. Chihuly glass repair and Venetian glass repair are part of our repertoire as is our ability to repair glass from any artist. Bokrosh Studio also creates their own fine art glass sculptures made out of optical glass the finest glass on earth.

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