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Know What To Ask When Hiring Someone
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By the mid-15th century, Murano blown glass had earned a reputation for its durability, quality and beauty. Today, seeing a Murano glass sculpture still illicit the same sense of wonder and awe as it did five centuries ago. The sheer beauty of a beautiful glass art piece is simply without compare.

In fact, many people still collect these pieces and clamor to add them to their personal collections. While some of these pieces have been damaged over the years, the good news is that many of the pieces can still be repaired with the help of a professional who knows how to repair blown glass. But hiring the right glass repair professional is the difference between a successful Murano glass repair and a disappointing one.

One of the things that makes Murano glass pieces stand out from other glass sculptures is the long-standing tradition that was used in their development. By slowly and carefully executing their ancient craft, Murano artisans were able to create a malleable art form that could be shaped into exquisite sculptures and other glass pieces.

Since your Murano glass sculpture has unique qualities and characteristics, it is essential to hire a glass repair professional who has experience working with these types of pieces. The reality is that specific techniques need to be used to repair blown glass properly. Also, unless the right chemical mixture is used with the glass, the repairs may not have a long-lasting effect. Even worse, an improper repair may actually cause more damage to the piece than good.

When hiring a professional to repair your Murano glass sculpture, you should ask the artisan several specific questions to ensure he or she has the skill and experience necessary to repair your glass art. You want to be sure you hire the right person to complete the repair. Some of the questions you should ask include:

  • How many years of experience do you have with repairing Murano glass?
  • What type of techniques do you use to repair/restore Murano glass?
  • How many pieces has your company damaged while attempting repair?
  • What is your company policy regarding damaged pieces?

In all cases, glass repair companies will not cover the cost of your piece if it is damaged; however, the repair fees should be waived if the piece is damaged. Remember, there is always a chance that your piece will be damaged, but a reputable company with decades of experience will have an extremely low percentage of damage.

If you have a Murano glass sculpture or any other glass art piece that is in need of repair, we encourage you to contact Bokrosh Studio today. Not only does Bokrosh Studio specialize in glass repair, but Bokrosh Studio has been creating original glass sculptures since 1985.

Let us put our 40 years of experience to work for you as we repair your prized Murano glass pieces. Contact our glass repair professionals by calling 206-941-7976. We will be happy to meet with you in person, or chat with you over the telephone to discuss how we can return your piece to its original beauty.

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